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All of our Eco-friendly Promotional Jute Training Bag is great for promotion your company made make a great trade show bags. All of our Jute Corporate Bags are made in our factory and our quality control is the best out there, we strive to bring you quality and discount prices on all of our Natural Organic Jute Corporate Bags.

Many of our imprint-able Jute Training Bag come in many styles shapes for gusset bags Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing is our specialty.

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Our Eco-Friendly Jute Training Bag is our biggest standard bag. Designed for international Conference, Seminar Symposium and it has also been a tremendous success in long term training programs that needs a Corporate jute messenger bag.

Product Specification

  • Product Code: 80118
  • Material: Jute Cotton Union Fabrics (Natural and Dark Blue)
  • Handle: Self Fabric Handle (Dark Blue Color)
  • Imprint: Black Color or any Dark Color on Front Pocket Side
  • Weight: 450 g
  • External Dimensions: H: 34 x W:40 + G: 13 cm
  • Internal Dimensions: H: 32 x W:38 + G: 11 cm
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pcs
  • Production Lead Time: 15 Working Days
    – After Confirmation of a minimum 50% Advance Payment
    – Except Friday-Saturday and Any Govt. Holiday
  • Packing: Single Pcs in a poly & 25/Pcs in a 3/5/7 ply paper carton
  • Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving the Total Payment
  • Container Loading: LCL or FCL on the requirement of the Buyer

Purpose of Use

  • Corporate Branding
  • Seminar, Symposium and Annual General Meetings
  • Reuse and Carry documents and books again and again

Sample Policy:

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.

Payment Terms:

  1. Payment: 50% Payments should be paid in advance and the rest of 50% will be paid before shipment of the commodities.
  2. Production Lead Time:  7 – 30 Working days after receiving Advance Payment.
  3. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving Outstanding Payments.
  4. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments (Minimum 2 x 20′ FCL) are acceptable.
  5. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  6. SGS Inspection: SGS Inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  7. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms:


Negotiable Documents:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading (BL)
  3. Packing and Weight List
  4. Shipping Marks
  5. Country of Origin Certificate
  6. Other Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, SGS Certificate, GSP Certificate etc.)

Jute Training Bag Price:

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Our Eco-Friendly Jute Training Bag is Reusable, Biodegradable and 100% Eco Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love your nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will must use our Eco-Friendly Corporate Bags again and again and again ….

Our Training Bags works especially well in Jute Canvas, and JUCO Fabs and we often supply it with a reinforced, stiffened base. As always with Asia Jute, quality is key – this is a well-made bag that can take a massive 5-10 kg without complaining. The generous 11-20 cm gusset is much wider than that offered by our competitors.

Promotional Jute Training Bag is an essential part of every exhibition, meeting or conference, with a large area of branding these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo, or message and have great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

Our Eco-Friendly Eco Jute Training Bag is Reusable, Biodegradable and 100% Eco Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will use our Eco-Friendly Jute bags again and again and again ….

Many of our imprint-able Jute bags come in many styles shapes for gusset bags Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing is our specialty.

Having a wide range of Eco Jute Training Bags in stock means that you are bound to find the one you like and it also means that we have a fast turnaround time. Our company is consequently involved in the supply of eco-friendly goods our trading and production standards are very high.

Our imprint-able Eco Jute Training Bag is also coming in many styles of shapes for gusset bags or Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing is our other specialty.

The Eco Jute Training Bag is vegan-friendly. Made with 100% Eco-Friendly Jute, this range of bags is perfect if you want to promote your ethical values to your customers even further. The Jute Corporate Bag and Jute Seminar Bag, so you are able to find something to suit your needs.

If your Jute bag is printed with a digitally generated image or a litho print then our Design Team will begin by printing your image in reverse onto a specialist, silicone-coated paper, which is then transferred by one of our Master Printers onto your eco-bag using a pneumatically driven, industrial heat transfer press.

Promotional Eco Jute Training Bag is the essential part of every exhibition, meeting, or conference, with a large area of branding these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo or message and have great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

We can make ECO Jute Training Bag from Jute and Cotton materials and also make other cotton-based products such as Bespoke Denim Messenger Bags. Use Asia Jute’s quote basket to describe the features of your bespoke product such as print, colors, and quantity, or add any further comments. If you’re unsure of what you’d like please get in touch and another one of our bag experts will be happy to help.

Our Eco Jute Training Bag is both biodegradable and Sustainable. Our Sustainable Bags are highly stylish and Reusable to allow all customers the comfort of style as well as reliability when customers use them.

51 reviews for 80118 | Jute Training Bag

  1. Avatar of ขวัญทิพย์ ศิวาวงศ์

    ขวัญทิพย์ ศิวาวงศ์

    รูปลักษณ์และให้ความรู้สึกเหมือนดีไซน์ระดับพรีเมียมด้วยวัสดุระดับพรีเมียม จะพกพาแล็ปท็อปขนาดกลางได้ง่าย แต่ไม่กว้างขวางมาก คุณจะซื้อสิ่งนี้เป็นส่วนใหญ่เพื่อดู

  2. Avatar of Emrah Aslan

    Emrah Aslan

    Bu çantayı yakın tarihli bir konferans için satın aldım çünkü daha küçük elektronik eşyalarımı yanıma alabilirim ve çantanın bir eşya için çok büyük olması konusunda endişelenmeme gerek kalmaz (bu, küçük bir sırt çantasıyla bile daha küçük bağlantılı uçuşlarda olabilir) .

  3. Avatar of Eduardo Medina

    Eduardo Medina

    ¡Parece que ha funcionado bien hasta ahora sin quejas! ¡se ve muy bien!

  4. Avatar of Ελπίδα Μακρή

    Ελπίδα Μακρή

    Çantanın üst kısmındaki tutamak biraz şaka gibi. Sağlam hissettirirken, merkez dışı ve çanta önemli ölçüde eğilecek.

  5. Avatar of Zachary Starr

    Zachary Starr

    Loved it and used it frequently but I just wish the size for the bottle holder was a bit bigger doesn’t fit my narrowest bottle at home… unfortunate otherwise, great One person found this helpful

  6. Avatar of Lara Goode

    Lara Goode

    This was honestly so much more than I expected it to be! This little bag packed a punch for me, with so many pockets to access and store stuff in. I originally had a smaller bag from which I wanted to upgrade, and this blew me out of the water! You already have access to zippers of all sizes on the outside alone. The small one on the front, the main zipper, a medium-sized pocket in the back, and a thin but spacious one in the back. That’s not even all for the outside, as there are two smaller pockets on both sides. Mind you, and the two smaller pockets aren’t big enough to fit a plastic water bottle. Lifting the flap, we have a part of the bag designed to hold your phone, some cards, and a wire insert if you’re carrying a portable battery charger. Inside the most significant part of the bag, you’re greeted with a generous amount of space. I like to bring my studio monitors on the go, which is more than enough space compared to my smaller previous bag. In the main room, you also have two smaller zippers, one mesh, and a slightly smaller pocket that would be perfect for storing money and earbuds. This being, I am still blown away by how many pockets there are and how great the material feels. It feels very sturdy, the zippers are very high quality, and the bag is highly versatile to travel! I couldn’t recommend it enough!

  7. Avatar of 영화 국

    영화 국

    가방은 노트북을 편안하게 보관할 수 있을 만큼 크지만 서류 외에는 그다지 많지 않습니다. 가방에 Surface 태블릿, Kindle, 장갑, 이어버드, 자동차 키를 넣고 다니는데 편안하고 가볍습니다.

  8. Avatar of Tomás Vila

    Tomás Vila

    A bolsa em si não fica perfeita quando você a experimenta pela primeira vez, então você tem que se preocupar com a alça ao colocá-la para que ela fique reta no quadril ou na lateral. Normalmente, quando alguém diz algo assim em uma revisão, é um problema para mim e eu quase não pedi, mas estou feliz por ter feito. Honestamente, não é um negócio maior do que a leve mistura de cores. Depois de posicionar bem a alça, ela parece elegante, sexy e séria em qualquer pessoa.

  9. Avatar of Macarena Diaz

    Macarena Diaz

    The bag is canvas material. It has many spaces for storage. You can get all your stuff in one bag.

  10. Avatar of Roberto Vazquez

    Roberto Vazquez

    Esta bolsa funciona muy bien para mí. No me gustó el interior de lona verde, pero lo modifiqué yo mismo y ya no es un problema. El diseño no es perfecto, pero puedo verme fácilmente usando esta bolsa casi a diario durante muchos años. En general, recomendaría encarecidamente

  11. Avatar of N. K. Vengatarakoo

    N. K. Vengatarakoo

    Beg itu diperbuat daripada jut, jadi ia benar-benar memerlukan perlindungan daripada air. Saya fikir minyak mineral juga akan berfungsi dengan baik, tetapi itu akan menambah lebih berat dan mungkin menjadikannya berminyak.

  12. Avatar of Massimo Riva

    Massimo Riva

    Ho comprato questa borsa per l’estate e l’ho lavorata all’uncinetto, come da foto, ottima, ideale per questo utilizzo.
    Lo consiglio

  13. Avatar of Hamima Utami

    Hamima Utami

    Sempurna untuk membuat 1000 penggunaan dan/atau dekorasi!

  14. Avatar of Mohammad Al-Subaie

    Mohammad Al-Subaie

    هذا منتج جيد الصنع أصبح بالفعل ضروريًا لسفن القمامة وتشغيل المهمات في جميع أنحاء المدينة. يمكنني تحميله بالأساسيات مثل النظارات الشمسية وأشرطة القياس وما إلى ذلك. منتج رائع!

  15. Avatar of Amanda Kohlsdorf

    Amanda Kohlsdorf

    I love the look of the bag, it is too flashy and has a sporty/utilitarian vibe while reminding professional/business casual.

  16. Avatar of Linnea Lehtosalo

    Linnea Lehtosalo

    Se on hyvä tuote, jos sitä käytetään kassina/ostoskassina.
    Suosittelen isompaa.

  17. Avatar of Tariq Nabina

    Tariq Nabina

    كانت الحقيبة هدية لابنتي. لقد أحببته وكان حجمه رائعًا ويبدو جيدًا. المواد جيدة كذلك.

  18. Avatar of Kristiina Kivi

    Kristiina Kivi

    Mu vend ostis selle mulle ja ma armastan seda väga. Vajasin hädasti asendust oma timbuk2 messenger-kotile, mis on kohmakas, ebamugav, inetu ja rikub alati mu riideesemeid, sest ma olen kohmakas ja takjapael tõmbab mind kogu aeg kinni.
    Kui ma esimest korda veebis selle koti pilti nägin, muretsesin mõne asja pärast: arvasin, et see näeb liiga mehelik välja, tahtsin kahe rihmaga üleõlakotti ja arvasin, et seda oleks ebamugav kaasas kanda. päeval ja ma olin mures, et see ei kanna kõike, mida ma vajan. Ma eksisin nende kõigiga.
    Kott on uhke ja kindlasti mitte liiga mehelik minu isikliku maitse jaoks. Olen juba saanud mitmeid komplimente selle välimuse kohta. Nagu sõber märkis, “selle klassikaline”. Kott on sügavpruun (palju tumedam kui pildil), nahk on väga pehme ja mõnusalt pingul ning üldiselt ilusate puhaste joontega.

  19. Avatar of Marius Vaškys

    Marius Vaškys

    Maišelis skaniai kvepia džiutu. Kai pirmą kartą išėmiau jį iš dėžutės, iškart pagalvojau, kad atsiuntė man netinkamą spalvą. Nuotraukoje man atrodė, kad tai labiau švelnios bordo spalvos. Gavau juodos kavos spalvą, kuri vis dar graži. Apskritai sakyčiau, kad tuo buvau labiausiai nepatenkintas. Vis dėlto viskas gerai, kiekviena akimirka, kurią praleidžiu su krepšiu, darosi patrauklesnė.

  20. Avatar of Mansoor Alsaadi Alyafei

    Mansoor Alsaadi Alyafei

    حقيبة ذات نوعية جيدة. أنت صغير. ستحتفظ بها وتستخدمها كمحفظة بدلاً من حقيبة مدرسية.

  21. Avatar of Oliver Eliasson

    Oliver Eliasson

    Jag var verkligen orolig för den här väskan…..tack så mycket säljare för denna vackra väska. .

  22. Avatar of Tadeusz Borowski

    Tadeusz Borowski

    Torby są świetne i to, czego potrzebowałem, ale pachną okropnie jak chemikalia. Przewietrzam je od dłuższego czasu i nadal śmierdzą. Od tygodni mam je na zewnątrz i próbuję różnych sposobów dezodoryzowania ich. Na szczęście przez jakiś czas ich nie potrzebuję. Przygotuj je na długo przed ich potrzebą i sprawdź, jak pozbyć się zapachu przed umieszczeniem na nich wzoru lub czegokolwiek.

  23. Avatar of Igor Dobre

    Igor Dobre

    Achizitionat pentru a picta. Pictura a fost mai ușor decât pânza obișnuită. De mare valoare.

  24. Avatar of Suus Timmermans

    Suus Timmermans

    Goede kwaliteit. Geweldig voor het bewaren van wortelgroenten.

  25. Avatar of Scarlett Morin

    Scarlett Morin

    They were perfect for what I needed them for

  26. Avatar of Hannah Wood

    Hannah Wood

    They were perfect size for scarecrow heads, a fall craft for myself and grandchildren.

  27. Avatar of Eloise Bell

    Eloise Bell

    I LOVE this bag! It is a little larger than I thought it would be but not too big. I have been carrying it every day since it arrived and get lots of compliments. I was surprised when I got it to find that the monogram was actually sewn and not just iron on letters because it didn’t cost much. The bag is sturdy and is good quality. There’s nothing not to like about this bag!

  28. Avatar of Nicole Giuliani

    Nicole Giuliani

    questa è una bella borsa, quello che voglio

  29. Avatar of Ute Stein

    Ute Stein

    Ich gebe dies als Geschenk. Die Gravur sieht gut aus. Schönes Fadendetail Ich war sehr nervös, es würde billig aussehen. Hat einen leichten Geruch, aber ich denke, das ist das Material.

  30. Avatar of Rachel Dupuich

    Rachel Dupuich

    J’ADORE ce sac ! Il est un peu plus grand que je ne le pensais mais pas trop grand. Je le porte tous les jours depuis son arrivée et je reçois beaucoup de compliments. J’ai été surpris quand je l’ai eu de constater que le monogramme était en fait cousu et pas seulement repassé sur des lettres car cela ne coûtait pas cher. Le sac est solide et de bonne qualité. Il n’y a rien à ne pas aimer dans ce sac !

  31. Avatar of Asim


    Great sturdy shopping bags. There is even a little pocket inside for small items like your phone. I took a star off because the material does shed and leaves little “hairs” on your clothes if it rubs against you.

  32. Avatar of Khepri


    I looked at a bunch of straw and burlap bags to use for the summer. I read reviews and used a measuring tape to determine size. This one won out from all others. I love mine!!

  33. Avatar of جابر بافيل

    جابر بافيل

    Gave it to my sister as a gift and she loved it. Can be used for beach, grocery or anything you want. I would Recommend this jute tote and will probably get one for myself.

  34. Avatar of حمد العفالق

    حمد العفالق

    هذه الحقيبة بحجم جيد لحمل الحرف اليدوية أو البقالة أو أغراض الشاطئ وتفعلها بأناقة!

  35. Avatar of حازم العمري

    حازم العمري

    كانت هذه هدية ، لكني أحببتها! إنه كبير وخفيف الوزن وجميل!

  36. Avatar of Mike J. Jimenez

    Mike J. Jimenez

    Perfect stylish bag for groceries

  37. Avatar of Malo Giraud

    Malo Giraud

    J’aime que ce sac puisse être utilisé comme un sac à dos, mais ne ressemble pas à un. J’adore tous les rangements. J’adore qu’il puisse être un sac à bandoulière ou un sac à dos.

  38. Avatar of Michael Gerd

    Michael Gerd

    Det ser bra ut til prisen og virker godt laget. Den er veldig slank, så hvis du pakker med deg mange dokumenter, kan den være trang.

  39. Avatar of Hubert Eligiusz

    Hubert Eligiusz

    Sortowanie papieru

  40. Avatar of Jerzy Jowita

    Jerzy Jowita

    Ignoruję miesiące i umieszczam etykiety tematyczne na przedniej okładce odpowiadające zakładkom. Ułatwia szybkie sortowanie pomieszanego stosu różnych papierów.

    Właśnie tego potrzebowałem do prowadzenia rachunków i comiesięcznych zadań.

  41. Avatar of Tobias Krause

    Tobias Krause

    Der Gurt ist robust und die Tasche ist rundum verstärkt, was sie sehr robust macht.

  42. Avatar of سليمة الخالدي

    سليمة الخالدي

    أخذت هذه الحقيبة لأمي حتى الكروشيه.
    اتضح جيد جدا

  43. Avatar of 賁思



  44. Avatar of Sahoko Kato

    Sahoko Kato


  45. Avatar of Amira Meyer

    Amira Meyer

    Ik heb deze jute tas besteld voor de dagelijkse boodschappen en ben absoluut tevreden.
    De tas is zeer degelijk gemaakt, biedt comfortabel draagcomfort en biedt ruimte voor middelgrote boodschappen.
    Ondertussen mijn dagelijkse metgezel bij elke aankoop.

  46. Avatar of Lee Ung Moong

    Lee Ung Moong

    Saiz yang sangat bagus dan ia adalah hadiah. Saya pasti saya akan memesannya sendiri (saya marah kerana saya terpaksa menyerahkannya), kerana saya mendapati mereka sangat bagus.

  47. Avatar of Alfie Sullivan

    Alfie Sullivan

    Liked the various compartments and that it is light weight. It holds a lot

  48. Avatar of Kim Frankovich

    Kim Frankovich

    There is so much room inside and even when full it holds up good. The handles are stern and capable of holding allot in the bag

  49. Avatar of 七夏 石田

    七夏 石田


  50. Avatar of Lorik Çela

    Lorik Çela

    Unë isha në një dyqan sot dhe gjeta pikërisht këtë çantë përveçse ishte përditësuar. më e rëndësishmja zëvendësoi këputjet metalike me magnet të thjeshtë të ngulitur. Ky sistem i ri korrigjoi çështjen e grisjes së këputjeve, por duke zëvendësuar këputjet me magnet, uli sigurinë e përplasjes. Magnetët nuk janë shumë të fortë dhe duhet shumë më pak forcë për të hapur kapakun tani.

  51. Avatar of Rawaa Saadi Milner

    Rawaa Saadi Milner

    It’s sturdy, it’s light, and it’s versatile. I mainly bought this because I couldn’t fit everything in my backpack, and I’m loving the decision. I carry mine around everywhere I go because of how casual it feels without feeling like I’m losing my masculinity.

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