80120 | Messenger Bag

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Our Eco Jute Messenger Bag is especially Reusable, Biodegradable and 100% Eco Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love our nature truly and help to save our beloved environment, you will must use our Eco Jute Messenger Bag again and again and again ….

Eco Jute Messenger Bags are vegan friendly and also food safe. Made with 100% Organic and Eco Friendly Jute canvas, this range of bags is perfect if you want to promote your ethical values to your customers even further. While the Organic and Jute range stocks our most popular bag styles. The Eco Jute Messenger Bag, Shopper Bag and Luxury Tote Bag, so you are able to find something to suit your needs.

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Eco Jute Messenger Bag is our biggest standard bag. Designed for international Conferences, Seminars, Training programs, Corporate houses and it has also been a tremendous success in Educational and Financial Institutes that need a Flagship bag. Our Eco Jute Messenger Bag works especially well in Jute, juco, Organic Cotton and Denim and we often supply it with a reinforced, stiffened base.

Product Specification

  • Product Code: 80120
  • Material: Jute Cotton Union Fabrics
  • Handle: Only Soft Padded Cotton Handle (Natural Jute Color)
  • Imprint: Black Color or any Dark Color on Front Side
  • Weight: 450 g
  • External Dimensions: H: 34 x W:28 + G: 13 cm
  • Internal Dimensions: H: 32 x W:26 + G: 11 cm
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pcs
  • Production Lead Time: 15 Working Days
    – After Confirmation of a minimum 50% Advance Payment
    – Except Friday-Saturday and Any Govt. Holiday
  • Packing: Single Pcs in a poly & 25/Pcs in a 3/5/7 ply paper carton
  • Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving the Total Payment
  • Container Loading: LCL or FCL on the requirement of Buyer

Purpose of Use:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Seminar, Symposium, and Annual General Meetings
  • Reuse for Carrying Laptop and Documents again and again

Sample Policy:

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.

Payment Terms:

  1. Payment: 50% Payments should be paid in advance and the rest of 50% will be paid before shipment of the commodities.
  2. Production Lead Time:  7 – 30 Working days after receiving Advance Payment.
  3. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving Outstanding Payments.
  4. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments (Minimum 2 x 20′ FCL) are acceptable.
  5. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  6. SGS Inspection: SGS Inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  7. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms:


Negotiable Documents:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading (BL)
  3. Packing and Weight List
  4. Shipping Marks
  5. Country of Origin Certificate
  6. Other Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, SGS Certificate, GSP Certificate etc.)

Eco Jute Messenger Bag Price:

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Our Eco-Friendly Eco Jute Messenger Bag is Reusable, Biodegradable and 100% Eco Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will use our Eco-Friendly Jute bags again and again and again ….

Many of our imprint-able Jute bags come in many styles shapes for gusset bags Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing is our specialty.

Having a wide range of Eco Jute Messenger Bags in stock means that you are bound to find the one you like and it also means that we have a fast turnaround time. Our company is consequently involved in the supply of eco-friendly goods our trading and production standards are very high.

Our imprint-able Eco Jute Messenger Bag is also coming in many styles of shapes for gusset bags or Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing is our other specialty.

The Eco Jute Messenger Bag is vegan-friendly. Made with 100% Eco-Friendly Jute, this range of bags is perfect if you want to promote your ethical values to your customers even further. The Jute Corporate Bag and Jute Seminar Bag, so you are able to find something to suit your needs.

If your Jute bag is printed with a digitally generated image or a litho print then our Design Team will begin by printing your image in reverse onto a specialist, silicone-coated paper, which is then transferred by one of our Master Printers onto your eco-bag using a pneumatically driven, industrial heat transfer press.

Promotional Eco Jute Messenger Bag is the essential part of every exhibition, meeting, or conference, with a large area of branding these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo or message and have great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

We can make ECO Jute Messenger Bag from Jute and Cotton materials and also make other cotton-based products such as Bespoke Denim Messenger Bags. Use Asia Jute’s quote basket to describe the features of your bespoke product such as print, colors, and quantity, or add any further comments. If you’re unsure of what you’d like please get in touch and another one of our bag experts will be happy to help.

Our Eco Jute Messenger Bag is both biodegradable and Sustainable. Our Sustainable Bags are highly stylish and Reusable to allow all customers the comfort of style as well as reliability when customers use them.


46 reviews for 80120 | Messenger Bag

  1. Avatar of Sangeeta Pillai a/l Ninian Gnanalingam

    Sangeeta Pillai a/l Ninian Gnanalingam

    Jute itu menakjubkan. Ia masih mempunyai bau jut “segar” selepas beberapa minggu memilikinya. Reka bentuk jut adalah mentah dan menarik. Apabila anda melepasi jute dan membuka beg, struktur bahagian dalam dijahit dengan sangat halus dan disatukan dengan cantik.

  2. Avatar of Anbil a/l Manrick Pillai

    Anbil a/l Manrick Pillai

    Compré este bolso para una conferencia reciente porque quería algo que pudiera llevar conmigo mis dispositivos electrónicos más pequeños y no tener que preocuparme de que el bolso sea demasiado grande para un artículo de mano (esto puede suceder en vuelos de conexión más pequeños incluso con una mochila pequeña) .

  3. Avatar of พิมลรัตน์ สันต์สิริศักดิ์

    พิมลรัตน์ สันต์สิริศักดิ์

    มันเป็นของขวัญสำหรับพี่ชายที่รักมัน เขาใช้มันในการทำงานทุกวันที่เขาไปที่สำนักงาน

  4. Avatar of Melek Demir

    Melek Demir

    Bu çanta, damarlı derisi ile çok çekici. Omzunuza takmak istemediğinizde, elde tutmak için küçük, dayanıklı bir kayış yapmaları gerekirdi.

  5. Avatar of Σταυρός Γιαννάκης

    Σταυρός Γιαννάκης

    Ayak işleri veya plaj için kullanıyorum, gerçekten büyük ve çok sağlam görünüyor. Belki biraz pahalı ama.

  6. Avatar of Jokūbas Pocius

    Jokūbas Pocius

    Pats krepšys nesėdi puikiai, kai pirmą kartą jį užsimaunate, todėl jį užsidėjus turite nerimauti su dirželiu, kad jis būtų tiesiai ant klubo ar šono. Paprastai, kai kas nors ką nors panašaus sako apžvalgoje, tai man yra sandorio nutraukimas ir aš jo beveik neužsisakiau, bet džiaugiuosi, kad padariau. Sąžiningai, tai nėra net didesnis reikalas nei nedidelis spalvų maišymas. Gražiai pritvirtinus dirželį, jis visiems atrodo tiesiog aptakus, seksualus ir rimtas.

  7. Avatar of Alyssa Brunker

    Alyssa Brunker

    This is a purchase with which I am 100% satisfied. I want to buy another in case I ruin this one somehow but it’s so well made I can’t see how that would happen.

  8. Avatar of Layla Beg

    Layla Beg

    Αυτό δεν είναι μόνο για το εξωτερικό, καθώς υπάρχουν δύο μικρότερες τσέπες και στις δύο πλευρές. Προσοχή, και οι δύο μικρότερες τσέπες δεν είναι αρκετά μεγάλες για να χωρέσουν ένα πλαστικό μπουκάλι νερό. Σηκώνοντας το πτερύγιο, έχουμε ένα μέρος της τσάντας που έχει σχεδιαστεί για να κρατά το τηλέφωνό σας, μερικές κάρτες και ένα συρμάτινο ένθετο εάν έχετε φορητό φορτιστή μπαταρίας. Μέσα στο πιο σημαντικό μέρος της τσάντας, σας καλωσορίζει με έναν γενναιόδωρο χώρο.

  9. Avatar of 지선 윤

    지선 윤

    이 가방을 선택한 이유는 벤더의 사진에서 가방이 약간 낡고 널찍해 보였고 수년 동안 나와 함께할 사랑스러운 오래된 물건처럼 보였고 실제 제품은 확실히 내 기대에 부응했기 때문입니다.

  10. Avatar of Toms Latkovskis

    Toms Latkovskis

    Es šodien biju veikalā un atradu tieši šo somu, izņemot to, ka tā bija atjaunināta. vēl svarīgāk ir aizstāt metāla spraudītes ar vienkāršiem iegultiem magnētiem. Šī jaunā sistēma novērsa problēmu, kas saistīta ar skavām, bet, aizstājot spiedpogas ar magnētiem, tā samazināja atloka drošību. Magnēti nav ļoti spēcīgi, un tagad ir nepieciešams daudz mazāk spēka, lai atvērtu atloku.

  11. Avatar of Paul Mocarski

    Paul Mocarski

    I had a similar bag of same material that was just too big. Looking for something that was a bit smaller and versatile to be a cross body. Love all the multi zips and compartments. Highly recommend. Great value.

  12. Avatar of 庆 曾

    庆 曾


  13. Avatar of Esperanza Leon

    Esperanza Leon

    Volvería a comprar si necesitáramos más.

  14. Avatar of Vivien Chou Loi Kah

    Vivien Chou Loi Kah

    Beg ini benar-benar dibuat dengan baik dan kelihatan berkelas. Maksud saya, ia benar-benar kelihatan bagus, tetapi bukan dalam erti kata fesyen yang remeh. Tetapi lebih sebagai alat perdagangan orang yang bekerja. Ia adalah beg messenger. Ia dibina untuk digunakan. Saya kini telah mengambilnya dalam beberapa penerbangan dan saya sangat menyukainya.

  15. Avatar of Irene Mariani

    Irene Mariani

    Proprio quello che stavo cercando, sono orgoglioso della mia borsa. Ho preso quello più piccolo, che secondo me è più bello. Adoro le maniglie di bambù. Ottimo acquisto, lo consiglio

  16. Avatar of Maria Palastri

    Maria Palastri

    Tas praktis dan serbaguna

  17. Avatar of Таня Курухубева

    Таня Курухубева

    Каишката е здрава и чантата е подсилена навсякъде, което я прави много здрава.

  18. Avatar of Mohammed Almazrouei

    Mohammed Almazrouei

    لم يعجبني حقيقة أنه ليس من السهل إدخاله في الجيب بحيث يمكنني تخزين هاتفي فيه ، كان ينبغي أن يكون على ظهر الحقيبة!

  19. Avatar of Brian Duncan

    Brian Duncan

    I bought this for my husband for work. He carries a bunch of paperwork, pens, an iPad with a bunch of accessories and notebook. It’s not heavy at all. Looks really professional and neat.

  20. Avatar of Joel Ruikka

    Joel Ruikka

    Käytin tuotetta mummolaukun pohjana
    Sopii käytettäväksi

  21. Avatar of Natalia Suarez

    Natalia Suarez

    Estoy realmente impresionado con esta bolsa de mensajero. Cuero de muy alta calidad. La bolsa es lo suficientemente espaciosa como para llevar una computadora portátil, una carpeta y más. Muy elegante que complementará el look de trabajo de camisa y corbata. Muy recomendable.

  22. Avatar of Mohammed Bakhamis

    Mohammed Bakhamis

    كنت بحاجة لمحفظة لأحملها معي ، لكني لا أحب حقائب اليد ولكن حقائب كروس بودي. لقد وجدت هذه واشتريتها. أفضل شراء قمت به على الإطلاق. إنه لطيف ، ويمكن أن يحمل الكثير من الأشياء بالداخل! 🙂

  23. Avatar of Rein Volkov

    Rein Volkov

    Mulle meeldib, et see tundub väga hästi tehtud.

  24. Avatar of Jonė Baliūnė

    Jonė Baliūnė

    Pats krepšys nesėdi puikiai, kai pirmą kartą jį užsimaunate, todėl jį apsivilkdami turite nerimauti su dirželiu, kad jis būtų tiesiai ant klubo ar šono. Paprastai, kai kas nors ką nors panašaus sako apžvalgoje, tai man yra sandorio nutraukimas ir aš jo beveik neužsisakiau, bet džiaugiuosi, kad padariau. Sąžiningai, tai nėra net didesnis reikalas nei nedidelis spalvų maišymas. Gražiai pritvirtinus dirželį, jis visiems atrodo tiesiog aptakus, seksualus ir rimtas.

  25. Avatar of Khalid Alhajri

    Khalid Alhajri

    هذه الحقيبة رائعة. لذلك يستحق الشراء!

  26. Avatar of Carolina Torres

    Carolina Torres

    la bolsa parece resistente, puse de roble en ella fácilmente, para ver si aguanta cuando la uso, está forrada con plástico en el interior, lo que permite que el polvo y las virutas no se dañen

  27. Avatar of Martin Deschamps

    Martin Deschamps

    J’en ai acheté quatre, ils gardent les documents beaux et nets, ils sont de bonne qualité, très robustes et bien faits.

  28. Avatar of Terese Espen

    Terese Espen

    Jeg måtte øke utseendet mitt som prosjektleder for firmaet mitt, og å slenge en ryggsekk over sportsjakken min var ikke lenger et alternativ for cordfløyelvesken min. Jeg valgte denne messenger bag for antall lommer, og puter for min bærbare datamaskin, nettbrett og Kindle E-leser. Vesken ser stilig ut og er like imponerende som bildene. Det er et godt gjennomtenkt design og elsker vintage klaff-lukking med glidelås for å sørge for at mindre gjenstander holder seg på plass. Den bakre stroppen som lar deg feste den på rullebagen din er bare genial! Jeg har bare hatt det i flere uker, men har vært på flere turer og det er en vinner.

  29. Avatar of Nikola Eleonora

    Nikola Eleonora

    Podobają mi się numery powlekane plastikiem, więc wytrzymują dłużej.

  30. Avatar of Ilsa Schulte

    Ilsa Schulte

    messenger bag11

  31. Avatar of Tobias Isabella

    Tobias Isabella

    Jag har använt sorteraren dagligen/månadsvis i flera år och den är oumbärlig för alla som behöver sortera ett stort antal dokument för arkivering, för projektledning eller om du bara vill ha ett enkelt sätt att spåra räkningar att betala eller skolprojekt som ska betalas på en visst datum eller månad. Jag använder en digital kalender, men ibland behöver man lägga vantarna på pappersdokumentationen för att gå med i projektet och det här fungerar utmärkt. A-Z sorteraren är vad jag använder för att sortera alla mina kvitton under året. Jag sorterar efter säljaren och om jag behöver ett visst kvitto vet jag precis var jag kan hitta det. Vid skattetid drar jag alla de som är relaterade till mina skatter och lägger dem med min avkastning som stöddokument och grupperar resten för att hålla i 1 år ifall jag har ett garantiproblem. Om du är företagare är det billigare än arkivskåp och sekreterare och tar bara en minut att lägga fakturor eller dokument där de är lätta att hämta.

  32. Avatar of حامد السليم

    حامد السليم

    أنا راضٍ عن استخدام هذه الحقيبة

  33. Avatar of Gabir Fairuz

    Gabir Fairuz

    أنا أستخدم هذا كخيار تخزين دائم لقصصي القصيرة وكتاباتي. لقد قمت بعمل ثقوب في الجزء العلوي من كل فاصل واستخدمت مثبتات الملفات لإرفاق الورق بالجزء الأمامي والخلفي لكل فاصل. حتى الآن ، ملأت أقل من نصف أداة فرز الملفات بـ 22 قصة قصيرة (بإجمالي 474 صفحة) ؛ إنه شعور دائم للغاية ولا يزال لدي * الكثير * من المساحة المتبقية لإضافة جميع قصصي الأخرى.
    يمكنني بسهولة رؤية هذا يخزن 500 صفحة أخرى دون أي مشاكل. سأقوم بالتأكيد بشراء المزيد بمجرد ملء هذا. أوصي به بشدة ، حتى لو لم يكن بالضبط ما تبحث عنه ، فيمكن تعديله بسهولة لأي شيء تريده.

  34. Avatar of Sons-ee-ah-ray Wapasha

    Sons-ee-ah-ray Wapasha

    this 12-mo. folder is heavy duty, these will last a long time

  35. Avatar of 夾谷樺



  36. Avatar of Tokie Kawakami

    Tokie Kawakami

    高品質の製品。 また買います。

  37. Avatar of Miss Mossie

    Miss Mossie

    This bag is very appealing, with its grain leather. They should have made a small durable strap to hold in hand, when you don’t want to wear it over the shoulder.

  38. Avatar of Maud Bosch

    Maud Bosch

    Super jute tas echt groot! Goed om te winkelen of naar het strand, zwembad paar alles puur. Stijlvol

  39. Avatar of Ismail Milošević

    Ismail Milošević

    Napominjem da sam i ovo dobio na prilično velikom Prime Day popustu, tako da je i to uticalo na moju odluku. Sve u svemu, jako sam impresioniran ovom torbom i kupio bih drugu ako mi je potrebna zamjena za nošenje male količine ličnih stvari.

  40. Avatar of Summer Naylor

    Summer Naylor

    Its light weight and material feels ok. Lets see how long ig lasts.

  41. Avatar of Lisa Stanley

    Lisa Stanley

    Very nice bag- I wish it were bigger.

  42. Avatar of Ceylin Vermeulen

    Ceylin Vermeulen

    Ik zou het opnieuw kopen.

  43. Avatar of Yip Ken Kek

    Yip Ken Kek

    Saya membeli beg jut ini kerana ia digunakan sebagai bahagian dalam beg crochet persegi nenek saya dan saya mesti mengatakan bahawa saya berpuas hati … tekstur jut itu agak padat, bahagian dalamnya kalis air dan yang paling penting ia tidak berbau pedas. minyak seperti banyak barangan lain yang serupa

  44. Avatar of 舞 桐山 陽子

    舞 桐山 陽子


  45. Avatar of Anita Shabani

    Anita Shabani

    Çanta që bleva vitin e kaluar ka ekspozuar një këputje metalike në kapak, e cila e mban shumë mirë kapakun poshtë. Duhet një forcë e mirë për të hequr kapak, në mënyrë që të mos shqetësoheni nëse do t’ju hapet. Megjithatë, çështja është se këputjet në kapak janë të qepura vetëm në rreshtimin e hollë, jo në jutën e rëndë. Pas një viti, një nga fotot e mia është shkëputur plotësisht nga kapaku, dhe tani me gjithë stresin në foton e vetme të mbetur, edhe ai po fillon të këputet.

  46. Avatar of Maxime Dubreucq

    Maxime Dubreucq

    I bought this for work to carry my laptop with me. It’s a nice bag with lots of extra pockets for accessories.

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