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6911 | Large Jute Bags



99999 in stock

6911 | Large Jute Bags

(40 customer reviews)


Eco-friendly Promotional Large Jute Bags are surely spacious and light. They are especially easy to carry around and comfy to carry lots of things in them. Since it looks trendy, it is a favorite accessory of young women as well. Mix and match with your dress color or create an aesthetic style particularly statement with a classic beige Promotional Jute Bag.

Promotional Jute Bags are vegan-friendly and also food safe. Made by Best Jute Bag Exporter & Best Jute Bag Wholesaler with 100% Organic and Eco-Friendly Jute canvas, this range of bags is perfect if you want to promote your ethical values to your customers even further. While the Organic and Jute range stocks our most popular bag styles. The Jute Gift Bag, Shopper Bag, and Luxury Tote Bag, so you are able to find something to suit your needs.

99999 in stock


Our Large Jute Bags are spacious and they are useful. You can carry all your essentials like books, wallet, phones and other things in them.  These jute shopping bags have become a favorite accessory for stylish men and women to carry with them.

We are a professional wholesale Jute Shopping Bags manufacturer, supplier and exporter, which can custom shopping bags, Denim Bags, Cotton Bags, Burlap Bags and wholesale Large Jute Bags. We can supply the highest quality and cheapest price for you. Jute is a 100% natural fiber, bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable.

Product Specification:

  • Product Code: asiajute.com/6911
  • Material: Fine Jute Fabrics (Natural & Color Laminated)
  • Handle: Cotton Twill Tape inside Rope
  • Imprint: Black Color or any Dark Color on Both Side
  • Weight: 320 g
  • External Dimensions: H: 40 x W:42 + G: 20 cm
  • Internal Dimensions: H: 39 x W:40 + G: 18 cm
  • Carton Size: 43 x 45 + 58 cm
  • Packing: 25/Pcs in poly & 50/Pcs in a paper carton
  • HS Codes: 6305.10.00
  • Loading Capacity:
    – 20′ Full Container Loading = 260 Carton;
    – 40′ Full Container Loading = 540 Carton;
    – 40′ HC Full Container Loading = 664 Carton;
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 13,000 Pcs [ 1 x 20′ Full Container Loading]
  • Production Lead Time:
    – 25 – 30 Working Days [Depends on the Order Volume & Shipment Schedule]
    – After Confirmation of a minimum 50% Advance Payment
    – After Approval of Work Order & Artwork (.Ai, .EPS, .PDF)
    – Except for Friday-Saturday and National Holidays in Bangladesh
  • Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving the Total Payment
  • Container Loading: LCL or FCL on the requirement of the Buyer

Purpose of Use: 
• Corporate Branding
• Retail Shop Branding
• Seminar, Symposium and Annual General Meetings
• Reuse for Shopping again and again

Lead Time: 15 Working Days after confirmation of Work Order and minimum 50% advance payment.

Sample Policy: 
– Sample lead time: Usually within 3~7days
– We need to charge the samples and shipping fee for the first cooperation.
– The sample fee will full return when handbag bulk orders reach to minimum 5000 pcs.
– If you are our old customer, you will get our new designs at first time and for free, Only Shipment cost will be payable.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packing: 50/Pcs in a poly & 50/Pcs in a 3/5/7 ply paper carton.
Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving Total Payment.
Container Loading: LCL or FCL on requirement of Buyer.

Terms of Sales: 
1. Proforma Invoice Valid for 30 Days
2. Production Lead Time Depends on order quantity.
3. Payment: 60% Advance with 100% Irrevocable L/C, or 100% Advance T/T

Shipping Details: 
– By air, sea or combined transportation
– Express via FEDEX, TNT, UPS, DHL, EMS, HK Post (As your request)
– Tracking Number will offer you immediately after delivery.
– Shipping cost depends on the shipping method, product quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

Large Jute Bags Price

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Best Selling Jute Bag-Jute Shopping Bags-Wholesale Jute Sack Bag-Bangladesh Jute Bag-B-Twill Jute Bag-Binola-DW-Hessian-Sacking-Burlap-Manufacturer-Promotional Jute Bag-Jute Sack Bag


Check all Jute Products from the Brochure. If you are not capable of downloading the PDF File, just send us an email at info@asiajute.com

Promotional Large Jute Bags are particularly an essential part of every exhibition, meeting, and conference. With a large area of branding, these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo, or message. It has great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

Many of our imprint-able Large Jute Bags in a word come in many styles shapes. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing forthwith is our specialty.

All of our Eco-friendly Large Jute Bags are great for promoting your company-made make-great trade show bags.

Getting quality Large Jute Bags consequently has become simpler and easier. Besides being eco-friendly, these bags are also attractive. The Large Jute Bags accordingly are also available in different designs.

One of the most popular among these bags obviously is the Large Jute Bags. These bags if properly made provide users with optimum value for their money.

Getting quality Large Jute Bags consequently has become simpler and easier. Besides being eco-friendly, these bags are also attractive. The Large Jute Bags accordingly are also available in different designs.

One of the most popular among these bags obviously is the Large Jute Bags. These bags if properly made provide users with optimum value for their money.

Large Jute Bags Manufacturer 

Promotional Large Jute Bags are particularly an essential part of every exhibition, meeting, and conference. We can supply in any event the highest quality and cheapest price for you. The first thing to remember is that Jute is a 100% natural fiber, biodegradable, sustainable, and recyclable. 

We are a professional wholesale Large Jute Bags manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. With a large area of branding, these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo, or message. It has great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

Our Sustainable Jute Bag are obviously stylish and Reusable to allow all customers the comfort of style as well as reliability when our customers use it.

Our Eco-Friendly Large Jute Bags are also Organic and Carbon free. If you love for the most part your nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will use our Eco-Friendly Bag again and again and again ….

Large Jute Bags Wholesaler

Another reason why Asia Jute is a big jute shopping bag wholesaler is that the company constantly works towards improving its services.

This is an important aspect, especially considering that new technology is bringing about better ways of making the Large Jute Bags. Furthermore, the market trends are constantly changing as time progresses.

Without keeping up with the market it might become hard for the company to point out the right shopping bags that will satisfy the needs of the market.

Large Jute Bags Supplier

Asia Jute is also the Large Jute Bags supplier. This means that for fear that the company usually supplies different kinds of customers with the jute shopping bags they need in a convent manner.

This includes the customers who might need the Large Jute Bags on a wholesale basis. The company also has the necessary networks that allow it to supply bags to customers.

The prices of the Eco-friendly Large Jute Bags from this company are also significantly lower than those from other companies. This is mainly because this particular company has the necessary resource that allows it to lower its prices.

The company also has enough manpower to let it manufacture, supply and export the Large Jute Bags
without having to spend a lot. However, the reduction in price does not mean that the quality is lowered.

Large Jute Bags Exporter

We are also the leading Large Jute Bags Exporter of Bangladesh. This means that besides supplying local customers it also supplies international customers.

This, in turn, makes the customers trust the company where they come back whenever they need more bags. When a customer complains about an issue regarding the bags the response is usually prompt. As a result, the customers get exactly the bags they need.

To confirm how respected and popular the Large Jute Bags from this company are one can additionally read testimonials.

The testimonials are also from impartial past customers who know the kind of products and services that the company provides.  The past customers just write genuine testimonials similarly without trying to market the company.

We can make Large Jute Bags from Fine Jute materials and also make other cotton-based products. Use Asia Jute’s Get a Quick Quote Option to describe the features of your bespoke product such as print, colors, quantity, or add any further comments.

Artwork Guidelines

Assist Buyer Before Placing Order

The Artwork Guidelines will help you to choose the right option of color, print design, etc. Jute is a natural item, it absorbs color on its surface. For that reason, If your Logo/Imprint Text is Light then please Select the Dark Color Jute Fabrics for the Front & Back Body. If your Logo/Imprint Text is Dark then please Select the Light Color Jute Fabrics For the Front & Back Body.  Please also try to match the similar color of Gusset for the Jute Bag Handle Color.

40 reviews for 6911 | Large Jute Bags

  1. Joyce D. Bolyard

    The rest I put a cutting board in between the front and back of the bag making sure the foldable flaps inside were behind the board. That worked! I will say it took awhile for the htv to adhere to the material.

  2. Ellen K. Hopkins

    I use this bag for groceries. Super sturdy & the handle is comfortable on your shoulder. I use this all the time! Bicycle print is cute too.

  3. Evelyn C. Leveille

    Idk if im keeping it. This bag isn’t green at all is brown and just not what the picture shows 🙁
    Really sad it also smells weird 🙁

  4. Morgan Johnson

    use it to cover the bag with a beautiful crochet job

  5. Hallur Ámundason

    It is sturdy and durable with lots of room for all my mess. I carry way too many things and this bag holds them all.

  6. Ana Isabel Suarez

    Harika bir malzeme, beğendim ve memnunum

  7. Veneranda Greece

    I like that this will hold, extra masks, clean wipes and tissues conveniently and that it does not weigh a ton.

  8. مصعب السيد

    حقيبة جمالية وصلبة ، انتبه للبطانة التي لا تحب الأناناس
    أوراق الشجر كثيرا ، ولكن مهلا … حقيبة جيدة جدا.

  9. Marilena Angelo


  10. Olívia Rodrigues

    Comprei esta bolsa para ser usada como recipiente para dar uma sacola de presente para uma viagem. Enchi-o com todos os lanches essenciais, mapas, madlibs para adultos, ibuprofeno, etc etc. Ele segurou tudo perfeitamente e é lindo para arrancar. Estou furiosa por não ter conseguido um para mim!

  11. Patricia G. Clark

    Love it.

  12. Ayhan Çetin

    We bought the bag for our trip to Mexico. Absolutely fantastic bag! It fits everything you could possibly need… Sunscreen flip-flops cups speaker cover up, you name it! We used it every day very durable and stylish would 1000% recommend

  13. مجاهد الصابر

    لقد اشتريت هذا ليكون حقيبة شاطئ جميلة مسطحة وقابلة للتعبئة. إنه حجم كبير وقوي للغاية. لم يكن لدي أي مشكلة في حمل زجاجة ماء كبيرة ، ومنشفتين ، ومستحضرات تسمير البشرة ، وحقيبة للنظارات الشمسية ، وكتاب ، ووجبتين خفيفتين. أثناء إجازتي ، استخدمته في السوق لشراء المشروبات الغازية والبيرة ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع بعض حانات المنتجات والوجبات الخفيفة. صمدت بشكل رائع! الجانب السلبي الوحيد هو رائحة الخيش الحقيقية. لقد قمت ببثها لبضعة أيام قبل التعبئة ، وكانت الرائحة لا تزال باهتة ، لكن في غضون دقائق على الشاطئ ، لم أعد أستطيع شمها ، ولم تنتقل إلى مناشفي. حقيبة كبيرة بسعر رائع. انصح

  14. נר ליפשיץ

    זה חומר נהדר, אני אוהב את זה, ואני מרוצה

  15. Julian Smets

    Я люблю гэтую сумку! Рамяні дастаткова доўгія, каб я мог зручна насіць яго праз плячо, не сутыкаючыся з падпахай. Ён трывалы, мае дно і сядзіць сам па сабе, калі ў ім ёсць некалькі рэчаў. Ён змяшчае шмат, так што, калі я іду туды-сюды, мне не трэба насіць некаторыя рэчы ў руках. Верагодна, я куплю яшчэ адзін на той выпадак, калі іх не будзе ў наяўнасці. Люблю гэта!

  16. سمر السهلي

    حقيبة ذات نوعية جيدة. رغم أنها صغيرة. ستحتفظ بها وتستخدمها كمحفظة بدلاً من حقيبة مدرسية.

  17. Roberto Caruso

    Ben fatto e robusto, lo consiglio.

  18. صيتة الرايز

    لقد طلبت هذه الهدايا لأول مرة في ملاذنا التنفيذي. لقد أصيبوا. أحبهم الجميع ويستخدمهم كثيرًا. إنها قوية ولديها الكثير. أضع 4 مناشف ، واقي من الشمس ، وقوارير مائية ، وماء ، وكتاب ، وقبعة ولا يزال لدي مساحة. من الداخل مبطنة حتى لا تتسرب المياه والرمل. أنا أستخدم خاصتي في كل مكان.

  19. Ashton Allen

    Love everything about it

  20. Sara Sjögren

    Den är välgjord och har en liten blixtlåsficka som är trevlig för att förvara pengar eller föremål som du inte vill ha i väskan. Utgjuter en del av juten på allt bara så att du vet. Jag hade inget emot det som jag förväntade mig!

  21. Florian Vogel

    Ich liebte das Aussehen dieser Canvas-Tasche. Ich wollte eine, die etwas kleiner ist als eine normale Umhängetasche. Es ist leichter als viele von ihnen, sieht gut verarbeitet aus und sieht gut aus. Sitzt gut auf der Schulter, zieht aber bei mehr Gewicht etwas an der Schulter.
    Es wäre vielseitiger mit einer offenen Tasche auf der Rückseite, wie sie alte Messenger-Taschen haben, in die Papier oder ein Block geschoben werden kann, und mindestens eine offene Seitentasche, in die eine Wasserflasche passen kann.
    Ich wollte einen kleinen Skizzenblock mit Wasser zum Trinken und/oder Wasser zum Aquarellieren mitnehmen – und zog es vor, dass die Flasche außen statt innen mit dem Skizzenblock ist. Die Vordertaschen scheinen so flach zu sein, dass vieles darin Platz findet.
    Es ist süß und kleiner und braucht ein paar Add-Ons.
    Vier Sterne für Optik und Verarbeitung – drei für Funktionalität.

  22. Vera Paja

    Fillimisht i porosita këto për dhurata në Executive Retreat. Ata ishin një hit. Të gjithë i donin dhe i përdorin shpesh. Ata janë të fortë dhe mbajnë shumë. Kam vënë 4 peshqirë, krem ​​kundër diellit, balona hidro, ujë, libër dhe kapelë dhe kam ende vend. Brenda është e rreshtuar në mënyrë që rëra dhe uji të mos hyjnë. Unë e përdor timin kudo.

  23. Vignette Longpré

    Ceux-ci étaient parfaits. J’ai créé des décalcomanies à repasser pour chaque personne et elles ont été envoyées en douceur. Bonne quantité de taille, ne s’est jamais senti bon marché ou pensé qu’il pourrait ne pas tenir le coup. Super mignon.

  24. Mollie M.

    I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m very happy with this purchase. The bags are sturdy and well made. If you are considering getting them, go ahead and do it they won’t disappoint.

  25. Fanchon Duperré

    J’ai acheté ces sacs pour faire des sacs personnalisés pour ma tribu mariée, ils sont très robustes. Très content de l’achat!

  26. Julianna Ward

    Very cute graphic and fabric but the lightweight material with the awkward size means it doesn’t work for all items.

  27. Grace Brown

    These bags are just perfect for anything.

  28. فهد الهذلي

    يحمل الكثير من الأشياء دون أن يفقد سلامتها

  29. رغد الهذلي

    حجم مثالي ونوعية جيدة. أنا شخصيته

  30. Maya Martin

    Perfect bag for shopping

  31. Shandiin Iara

    She cute. Sturdy and as advertised.

  32. Paolina Nadia

    Very nice material

  33. Lahja Pauliina

    Erittäin kaunis laukku, erinomainen viimeistely. Halusin ostaa saman laukun pidemmillä kahvoilla, mutta valitettavasti en löytänyt sitä, joten ostin BeeGreeniltä. Laatu on huono. Palasin TOPDesigniin ja ostin 2 lisää. Todella tyytyväinen näihin laukkuihin!

  34. Mesut Su Talât Münir

    Birisi için bir hediyeydi ve harika!

  35. Sonja Hedvig

    Väldigt prisvärt och dessutom ganska trevligt. Under Covid var detta en fin liten present

  36. Αλεξία Βούλτεψη

    Το χρησιμοποιώ για θελήματα ή στην παραλία, είναι πραγματικά μεγάλο και φαίνεται πολύ στιβαρό. Ίσως λίγο ακριβό όμως.

  37. Діана Тинкалюк

    Сумки прикрашали діти для вчителів. супер сумка

  38. Руслана Худенко

    Сумка підійде як для шопінгу, так і для пляжної сумки. Тим не менш, волокно дуже грубе. Я намалював сумку, або вона мені здається надто ошелешеною. Я б замовив сумку знову в будь-який час!

  39. مروان محفوظ

    هذه هي مثالية لأكياس الهدايا لوصيفات الشرف. إنها كبيرة بما يكفي لاستخدامها بعد ذلك ولكنها ليست كبيرة جدًا بحيث يجب أن يكون لديك مليون هدية لملئها.

  40. Amy Rotter

    Es hermosa! Excelente material! Tamaño Perfecto! Resistente! La amé!!

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