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Primary Stage

The initial process before Bulk Volume Production

Demand Analysis

Demand Analysis is the Primary works before going to Bulk Volume Production.

Raw Material Assurance

At First, we check the availability of Raw Materials. If we get assurance, then we go to the next process.

Production Assurance

Initially, we also check the Production Capacity to fulfill the Total Product Requirements from Buyer.

Logistics Assurance

At the same time, we also check the availability of Logistics Support, Like Container & Sea/Air Cargo


Secondary Stage

The initial process before Bulk Volume Production

Product Analysis

We have developed a Brochure of 100+ Products. The buyer will analyze and Select the Products from the Products Brochure.

Design Developent

After the Selection of the products, it is highly recommended to provide the Artwork/Design immediately.

Sample Development

Sample development is the initial works to get the complete idea of a product. As per Sample policy, we regular develop Samples for Different Buyers.

Sample Approval

After Completing Sample Development, If there any necessary requirements to change anything, Then Buyer will provide the Marks on the sample and give the approval.

Intermediary Stage

The main Stage of the Production
R&D for Industrial Engineering

Research & Development is an Essential Works for improving the Production & Industrial Engineering.

Production Process Development

Before Execute any Bulk Order we check & develop the total production process.

Selection of Producers

It is very important to improve the quality, we always prefer High Skilled Operator for producing Jute Goods.

Order Execution

After Receiving the MT103 Payment we execute the Bulk Volume Order.

Pre Production Check

It is very important Terms to check everything before starting the Bulk Volume Production.

Initial Production Check

After Starting the Production we are checking the Production Process & quality very carefully.

During Production Check

When the Production is running in a full swing, it is our duty to check the Production Process and Random Quality Inspection.

Labratory Testing

Some Buyer Looking for Organic/Food Grade Test. We are providing this services from SGS.

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Before Shipment, we check the Quality from Stitching to Product Packaging. 3rd Party inspection also allowed by negotiation.

Status Reporting

After completing all production processes, we are going for status reportating & preparing all commercial documents for shipment.

Shipment Scheduling

Production progress is analyzed in relation to the delivery terms and a suitable course of action is taken to ensure goods are delivered in time.


Final Stage

The initial process before Bulk Volume Production

Container Stuffing

Before Loading Goods into Containers, We check Containers condition initially. Then the Goods will be stuffed into the Containers.

Loading Supervision

We regularly monitor when the Stuffing is processed. We also allow as per our Buyer recommendation like 3rd Party Suvervision.

Documentation & Shipping Coordination

Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer’s instruction and the copy documents are sent to the buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancy.

Assist on Buyer Visit

We accompany our buyers on their buying visits, factory visits, and inspection visits.