About – Asia Jute

About – Asia Jute was founded in 10th January 2010 by Shamsuddin Muttaki when he identified an opportunity to provide a practical solution to companies and consumers who wanted an ecological alternative to the plastic products.

Asia Jute is the leading Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter of Jute Bag, Jute Shopping Bag, Jute Gunny Bag and Jute Sacking Bag. Asia Jute is committed to the development of jute products and eco friendly promotional services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future.

Our Mission :
Asia Jute is a full service vendor with strong vertically integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical capabilities which clearly sets us apart from most other South Asian vendors.

Dominate these markets in high quality :
→ Jute Bags (Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Gunny Bags, Jute Sacking Bags, etc.)
→ Jute Handicrafts (Notebook, en Holder, Memobox, Greeting cards, etc.)
→ Jute Textile and Apparel (Blazer, Jacket, Jumper , etc.)
→ Jute Furnishings (Cushion Covers, Certain, Table Runner, Floor Mats, etc.)
→ Industrial Jute Goods (Jute Yarn, Jute Felt, Jute Rope, etc.)

Our Commitment: We are committed to ensure that we do not employ child labor in our factories, no workers are forced to work and employees are paid living wages. No discrimination is practiced, working environment is safe and hygienic and regular employment is provided. To that end we closely follow the ETI rules and regulations.