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Jute Sack Bags Best Selling Wholesale Jute Bag T – 123
T – 123 | STD. BINOLA [950]



999998 in stock

T – 123 | STD. BINOLA [950]

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Getting quality jute Sack bags have become simpler and easier. This is mainly attributed to the demand for these Jute Sack bags going up. This increase in demand is brought about by more people knowing the benefits of these bags. Besides being eco-friendly, these Jute sack bags are also attractive.

999998 in stock


This Standard Binola Twill JUTE SACK BAGS are generally used for Africa’s main crops including Coffee, Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, Sesame, gum arabic, sorghum, and sugarcane. The main subsistence crops are sorghum and millet, with smaller amounts of wheat, corn, and barley packaging of various agri-commodities as much as viz, Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Cashew nuts, Peanuts, Shea nuts, Groundnuts, Palm kernels, Grains, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice, Cereals, etc.

Among our offered Standard Binola Twill JUTE SACK BAGS particularly there are sacking bags and burlap Sack or Hessian Sack or gunny Sack bag. Particularly, some examples of Twill Sacking Bags are Binola twill bag, B-Twill Bag, L-Twill Jute Bags, and A-Twill Jute bag, etc. Whereas Light Cees Bag, Heavey Cees Bag, DW Hop Bag, DW Nitrate Bag, DW Flour Bag, and DW Salt Bag, etc. are exampling of JUTE SACK BAGS or B-Twill Jute Bags. On the other hand, a burlap bag or hessian bag produced from hessian cloth comes with plain weave only.


These Binola Twill Jute Bag has been used for packaging of various agri-commodities viz. Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, Shea Nuts, Groundnuts, Palm kernels, Grains, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice, Cereals, etc.

Product Specification

  • PRODUCT CODE: T – 123
  • CAPACITY: 90 – 100 KG
  • DIMENSIONS: H: 44 X W: 26.5 INCH (112 X 68 CM)
  • WEIGHT: 950 GRAM (2.10 LBS)
  • PORTER & SHOT: 6 X 7
  • HS-CODE: 6305.10.00

Sample Policy

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.

Payment Terms

  1. Proforma Acceptance:  After issuing, this Proforma Invoice should be accepted within 24-48 Hours.
  3. Production Lead Time:  Generally, 7 – 30 Working days are required after receiving Advance Payment.
  4. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving Outstanding Payments.
  5. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments (Minimum 5 x 20′ FCL) are acceptable.
  6. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  7. 3rd Party inspection: SGS / INTERTEK / BUREAU VERITAS inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  8. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms


Negotiable Documents

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading (BL)
  3. Packing and Weight List
  4. Shipping Marks
  5. Country of Origin Certificate
  6. Other Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, 3rd Party inspection Certificate, Lab Test Report, GSP Certificate, etc.)

Binola Twill Jute Sack Bags Price:

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Bangladesh Jute Sack Bags


Binola Jute Sack Bags Details:

Some of the qualities that make this company be regarded as one of the top companies in Bangladesh and all over the world is that it manufactures an assortment of jute sack bags. This means that customers with different needs can find the bags that meet their needs perfectly.

The main types of jute sack bags manufactured by this particular company include A-twill, B-twill, L-twill, D.W. Flour, D.W. salt, D.W Nitrate, Light sees, heavy sees, Sydney woolpacks, cement bags, and Australian corn sack among others. These jute sack bags come in different sizes depending on the needs of the customers.

The main reason behind this is that the Jute Sack bag comes out in distinct colors which ensures they are optimally attractive. The Jute Sacks are also available in different designs and sizes. One of the most popular of these bags is the Bangladesh Jute Sack Bag. These bags if properly made provide users with optimum value for their money.

B-Twill Jute Sack Bags Wholesaler

Another reason why Asia Jute is a big jute sack bags manufacturer is that the company constantly works towards improving its services. This is an important aspect especially considering that new technology is bringing about better ways of making jute sack bags.

This in turn requires the company to keep on improving its products and services. Furthermore, the market trends are constantly changing as time progresses. Without keeping up with the market it might become hard for the company to produce the right sacking bags that will satisfy the needs of the market.

Binola B-Twill Jute Sack Bags Supplier

Asia Jute is also a big jute sack bags supplier. This means that the company usually supplies different kinds of customers with the jute sack bags they need in a convent manner. This includes the customers who might need the jute sack bags on a wholesale basis. The supply is facilitated by the fact that the company has the necessary resource and capacity to make large quantities of bags. The company also has the necessary networks that allow it to supply bags to customers.

The prices of the jute sack bags from this company are also significantly lower than those from other companies. This is mainly because this particular company has the necessary resource that allows it to lower its prices. The company also has enough manpower to let it manufacture, supply, and export jute sack bags without having to spend a lot.

However, the reduction in price does not mean that the quality is lowered. It simply means that the quality remains the same but the customer pays lower prices, therefore, allowing them to get optimum value for their money.

Jute Sack Bags Exporter

We are the leading jute sack bags exporter of Bangladesh. This means that besides supplying local customers it also supplies international customers. The international customers can be any part of the world and the company will be able to deliver the bags on time. Exporting the bags shows that their demand is not restricted by geographical barriers.

The international customers mainly prefer the Jute Sack Bags from this particular company because they know the Jute Sack Bags are of the highest quality. All that international customers are required to do is make orders after which the company takes minimal time to execute these orders.

The reasons that make this company be respected even internationally include that it always puts its customers first. The company ensures that all the customers regarding the number of bags they need are treated with the right professionals. This in turn makes the customers trust the company where they come back whenever they need more bags.

Furthermore, the company has put in place mechanisms that ensure that all issues regarding customers are resolved within the shortest time possible. When a customer complains about an issue regarding the bags the response is usually prompt. As a result, the customers get exactly the bags they need.

Jute Sack Bags Manufacturer

To confirm how respected and popular the jute sack Bags from this company are one can easily read testimonials. The testimonials are from impartial past customers who know the kind of products and services that the company provides. The past customers just write genuine testimonials without trying to market the company.

There are also professionals who compare companies and then come up with results showing which is the highest-rated company. Such professionals look at various aspects including the quality of the products and the quality of the services.

The professionals have been rating this company as the top one and this shows that it takes the customers seriously. It also shows that the company is respected not only by customers but also by other players in the industry.

10 reviews for T – 123 | STD. BINOLA [950]

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