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The eco-friendly Jute Canvas Folder is surely spacious and light. They are especially easy to carry around and comfy to carry lots of things in them. Since it looks trendy, it is a favorite accessory of Corporate Personnel as well. Steeped in order to happy colors and breezy or geometrical prints. This Jute Canvas Folder has become a favorite accessory for stylish men and women to carry with them.

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Our Jute Canvas Folder is a trendy item to carry around while strolling on a road or beach. This Canvas Folder is spacious and is made of eco jute fiber. You can carry not only books but also a wallet, phones and other things in them. For your ideal bespoke Jute Canvas Folder, you can choose in general a size to suit, with a choice of dyed material to match Pantone color shades and multicolored edge-to-edge printing to reflect your brand and message.

Product Specification:

  • Product Code: 80223
  • Product Name: Jute Canvas Folder
  • Material: Jute Fabrics & Paper/Rubber Board for suppering
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly, Handmade, High-Quality Material
  • Colour: Any Pantone Color
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Pocket: Inner Pocket
  • Imprint: Dark for Light or Light for Dark Color on Front Side
  • External Dimensions: H: 14 x W: 10.5 inch
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Pcs
  • Production Lead Time: 7 – 30 Working Days (Depends on the order volume)
    – After Confirmation of a minimum 50% Advance Payment
    – After Approval of Work Order & Artwork (.Ai, .EPS, .PDF)
    – Except for Friday-Saturday and National Holidays in Bangladesh
  • Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving the Total Payment
  • Container Loading: LCL or FCL on the requirement of the Buyer
  • Place Of Origin: Bangladesh
  • HS Code: 6305.10.00
  • Care Instructions: Clean With Soft Dry Brush And Keep It Dry Place

Purpose of Use:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Special Events Program
  • Seminar, Symposium, or Annual General Meetings Gift Packing
  • Reuse and Carry Gifts and books again and again.

Sample Policy:

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.
  • Refund Policy: The sample fee will fully return when bulk orders reach a minimum of the 20′ FCL.
  • Free Sample: If you are our old customer, you will get our new jute products for the first time, and for free, Only DHL Shipment cost will be payable.

Payment Terms:

  1. Payment: Minimum 50% Payment Should be Paid in Advance.
  2. Production Lead Time:  7 – 30 Working days after receiving Advance Payment, Work Order & Artwork (i.e.: Depends on the order volume).
  3. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving the Rest of the Payments.
  4. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments are acceptable.
  5. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  6. SGS Inspection: SGS Inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  7. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms:


Negotiable Documents:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading (BL)
  3. Packing and Weight List
  4. Shipping Marks
  5. Country of Origin Certificate
  6. Other Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, SGS Certificate, GSP Certificate, etc.)

Jute Canvas Folder Price:

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We are a manufacturer and exporter of various types of Eco-friendly Jute Canvas Folders. We make Document Folders with Jute and Juco. Actually, all jute Canvas folders have both options like a zipper and without a zipper and can be customized accordingly.

This ecological and organic jute Canvas folder A4 document size is a very well-designed, elegant, and traditional handmade craft that can be used for corporate, academic, casual, and personal. Even, you can also use this for a gift purpose. Moreover, the design and color of this document holder highlight the Bangladeshi tradition, heritage, and culture too.

Design and Colour of Jute Canvas Folder: 

We make our product with numerous trained experienced Pattern Designer. On the other hand, Our Canvas Folder is a comparatively low price in Bangladesh in fact, considering the needs and tastes of the buyers while its quality is ensured through various types of checking processes. In the same manner, we have been keeping various samples since we started our production started of this product.

High-Quality Jute Material and Fitting  

We manufacture our products in good quality is controlled through an efficient quality control process. Actually, the materials used for the production of this jute document organizer bag are 100% high-quality jute fabric,  board with accessories. Similarly, we frequently develop the quality through our expertise and observation from our customers. In the same way, we take our customer’s suggestions and opinions.

Jute Canvas Folder is a Lovely Gift:

This jute Canvas folder a4 size is lovely and its gorgeous look makes it a surprising and attractive present for you to send to your loved ones especially your daughter, son, sister, mom, girlfriend, and friends on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or furthermore any other occasions. Therefore, you also can make your loved ones happy by sending them this masterpiece as a souvenir gift.

Several Occasions : 

This handmade stylish product is suitable for multipurpose usages, such as business meetings, interviews, and even regular workings, etc. The paper holder Canvas for handmade gifts is one of the unique arrangements of “Asia Jute”  in the continuation of work. In conclusion,  while you feel tired of using official and boring jute Canvas folders for documents, therefore, this exclusive file holder for the office is a must-buy for you.

Huge Space:

The dimension of this jute Canvas folder a4 size is 14 x 10.5 x 1 inch in height, length, and width, as a result, huge enough for you to store your certificate and letters, identity cards or passports, and, driving license, deed of documents, and important documents so on. In addition, inside there are two inner pockets on both sides. For this reason, you can hold your documents safely in place of the Canvas folders organizer

50 reviews for 80223 | Jute Canvas Folder

  1. Avatar of Eskil Jarl

    Eskil Jarl

    Detta har varit en organisatorisk livräddare för att hålla reda på Ancestry-data. Lätt att använda, lätt att hitta dokument. Jag har använt dessa förut på kontor innan jag gick i pension. De är en enorm tidsbesparare för arkivering.

  2. Avatar of นภา พิทักษ์ไทย

    นภา พิทักษ์ไทย


  3. Avatar of Yaşar Keski̇n

    Yaşar Keski̇n

    Büyük cepler. İhtiyacım olan şey için mükemmel

  4. Avatar of بيداء رداد

    بيداء رداد

    قضيت الكثير من الوقت في البحث عن حقيبة لم تكن كبيرة مثل حقيبة ماسنجر ولكنها ليست صغيرة جدًا. كان هذا مثاليًا.

  5. Avatar of عاطف رائد

    عاطف رائد

    عندما تتضمن الرحلة نزهات قصيرة أو الكثير من المشي ، عادةً ما أختار حزمة يومية ، لكنني أردت تجربة حقيبة كروس بودي في رحلتي التالية. هذا سوف يلائم الفاتورة.

  6. Avatar of حازم السهلي

    حازم السهلي

    لا أستطيع أن أؤكد كم أحب هذه الحقيبة ، رغم ذلك: سأكون سعيدًا باستخدام هذه الحقيبة لبقية حياتي.

  7. Avatar of Franziska Frey

    Franziska Frey

    Ich liebe diese Tasche. Es hat jede Menge Taschen und ist robust und ästhetisch ansprechend. Ich benutze es als meine tägliche Handtasche. 🙂

    Es passt auf mein iPad der 6. Generation, ein Notizbuch, meinen Classic Happy Planner, meine Brieftasche, ein weiteres kleines Notizbuch, meine monatlichen Vorräte und Stifte. Alles zur selben Zeit. Der Riemen ist etwas kürzer als ich möchte, und ich kann nach diesem Riemen suchen und ihn ersetzen, aber im Moment ist er perfekt!

  8. Avatar of 효진 지

    효진 지

    퀵 버사드

  9. Avatar of Brock Cecilia

    Brock Cecilia

    Great bags to use as Welcome gifts for our guest for our destination wedding to Costa Rica. It took some time to get the HTV to stay on good but that’s just burlap. Once I got it on there it stayed good. Durable. Even used as a carry on bag for the plane ride home.

  10. Avatar of Olivia Gluzman

    Olivia Gluzman

    It would be more multi-purpose with an open pocket on the back like old messenger bags have that paper or a pad can slide into and at least a side open pocket that a water bottle can fit in.

  11. Avatar of Morten Søgaard

    Morten Søgaard

    Den er perfekt til alle mine vigtige dokumenter og papirer!!! Gå hen og få en!

  12. Avatar of Rocío Vidal

    Rocío Vidal

    Me encantan las carpetas. Son bonitos y pequeños y parecen muy robustos a primera vista.

  13. Avatar of Amelia Marchetti

    Amelia Marchetti

    Molto buona

  14. Avatar of Ye Jia Xin

    Ye Jia Xin

    வணிக ஆவணங்களை ஒழுங்காகவும் ஒன்றாகவும் பெறுவதற்கும், ஆண்டு இறுதியில் எளிதாக சேமிப்பதற்காக ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் பொருட்களை தனித்தனியாக வைத்திருப்பதற்கும் இவை அருமை.

  15. Avatar of Johanna Dietrich

    Johanna Dietrich

    Super für die Organisation. Es enthielt alle meine Dokumente.

  16. Avatar of Motasim Albakkar

    Motasim Albakkar

    هذه الحقيبة مصنوعة بشكل جيد للغاية. الكثير من المقصورات. دائم جدا.

  17. Avatar of 拓真 鈴木

    拓真 鈴木

    サイズとすべてのインサートが気に入りました。 重要な論文を見つけるのは非常に簡単です。

  18. Avatar of Harja Wacana

    Harja Wacana

    Saya membeli ini untuk mengatur semua surat-surat saya untuk klinik penjangkauan. Itu tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda kehancuran. Saya juga menyimpan folder manilla di dalam setiap slot dan tidak mengalami masalah dengan itu.

  19. Avatar of Adika Santoso

    Adika Santoso

    Saya akan membeli lagi jika kami membutuhkan lebih banyak.

  20. Avatar of Tuula Säkkinen

    Tuula Säkkinen

    Näihin kansioihin säilytin tarra-arkkeja ja kirkkaita postimerkkejä, ne ovat todella mukavia ja söpöjä, pidän myös väreistä todella paljon ???? Suosittelen

  21. Avatar of Cyril Lejeune

    Cyril Lejeune

    Kleuren zijn erg mooi en voelen kwalitatief aan. Precies het juiste voor de klus. ????

  22. Avatar of Shahab Mojabi

    Shahab Mojabi

    كان هذا هو الحجم المثالي لما أحتاجه. يناسب جهاز iPad الخاص بي إذا كنت أريد ذلك أيضًا. لقد اشتريت هذا حتى أتمكن من استخدامه في مؤتمر وحمل جميع أشيائي ، ولم أتوقف عن استخدامه. ويمكنني وضع دبابيس عليها أيضًا.

  23. Avatar of María Pilar Torres

    María Pilar Torres

    Esta carpeta es realmente buena. Me gusta cómo tiene una cremallera que puedes cerrar para que tus archivos no se caigan o salgan volando de la carpeta. También me gusta que tenga sus propias separaciones de esa manera todos tus archivos no se mezclarán.

  24. Avatar of Andrus Koppel

    Andrus Koppel

    See on kasulik paberite (nt passi või isikutunnistuse) panemiseks. Hea kvaliteetne ja praktiline käekoti suurus

  25. Avatar of Ali Stewart

    Ali Stewart

    The folders are sturdy and offer plenty of storage space for index cards.

  26. Avatar of Saoud Aldelaimi

    Saoud Aldelaimi

    اشتريت لابنتنا التي أرادت حمل جهاز كمبيوتر محمول وجهاز iPad – كان هذا الحجم مثاليًا!

  27. Avatar of Elijah Fortin

    Elijah Fortin

    Very sturdy and perfect to organize my paperwork finally! Compact but holds a lot without jeopardizing the zip up feature. Very happy with this purchase!

  28. Avatar of Achille Blanchard

    Achille Blanchard

    Ma fille l’a eu pour sa classe de année et elle est heureuse que ce soit élégant mais spacieux. Elle aime ça.

  29. Avatar of Aurore Moulin

    Aurore Moulin

    Det ser bra ut for prisen, virker godt laget. Den er veldig slank, så hvis du pakker med deg mange dokumenter, kan den være trang.

  30. Avatar of Więcesław Anita

    Więcesław Anita

    jak ładnie trzyma się 11-latków do codziennego użytku i tam iz powrotem do szkoły. Nic nadzwyczajnego tutaj, ale wydaje się być dobrej jakości!

  31. Avatar of Khayrat Hannah

    Khayrat Hannah

    أنا أتقاعد ، وبهذا أقوم بتجديد أنظمة حفظ الملفات الخاصة بي. أنا أحب هذه المجلدات ، ولكن من الصعب جدًا العثور عليها. كنت سعيدًا لأنني وجدت الثلاثة ، A-Z ، 1-31 والشهرية ، يناير ، فبراير ، مارس إلخ. إنهم يعملون بشكل رائع لمن لا يزالون يستخدمون الورق.

  32. Avatar of Bidziil Sayen

    Bidziil Sayen

    It’s idea for the year end filing. They have become much more expensive over the last several years. But are worth it if you like to be organized.

  33. Avatar of 馮志承



  34. Avatar of Puck van den Bosch

    Puck van den Bosch

    Kleuren zijn erg mooi en voelen kwalitatief aan. Precies het juiste voor de klus. ????

  35. Avatar of Rio Kanda

    Rio Kanda

    メッセンジャーバッグのおかげで、たくさんの書類を教会に運ぶことができ、きれいに整理整頓できます。 軽くて丈夫で、ラップトップを持ち運ぶのに十分な大きさです。 それは素晴らしい!!!

  36. Avatar of Bukuroshe Plaku

    Bukuroshe Plaku

    Erdhi shpejt, mjaft mirë për atë që kisha nevojë.

  37. Avatar of Archaimbau Joly

    Archaimbau Joly

    These bags are really nice!! The tag says you can wash them cold. The handles are stitched well and gives the bag the ability to hold a lot of weight. The inside of the zipper pocket is also waterproof. Even the bag they were packaged in is reusable!!

  38. Avatar of Charles H. Lopez

    Charles H. Lopez

    These bags were perfect for my supermarket. I was able to have the printed with no problem. I hope they come back in stock. Very sturdy. Able to carry lots of items in them.

  39. Avatar of Miguel T. Maldonado

    Miguel T. Maldonado

    These bags are large enough to carry a bag full of groceries. The handles are really sturdy! You can fill it up with all of your beach needs. No worries about the contents getting wet. These bags are made to last!

  40. Avatar of Haji Syed Anas Haidie bin Fathi

    Haji Syed Anas Haidie bin Fathi

    Tiada apa yang perlu dirungut

  41. Avatar of Ruby Alexander

    Ruby Alexander

    My son doesn’t like backpacks; he likes computer/messenger bags instead. It’s a good price, perfect size, and it’s not heavy. It looks great.

  42. Avatar of Ajayan الحبابي Alhababi

    Ajayan الحبابي Alhababi

    هذه الحقيبة رائعة جدا

  43. Avatar of Danielle Knueppel

    Danielle Knueppel

    Love everything about this bag. They’re big, sturdy and well made. I purchased four to give away for Christmas. My lucky recipients will be impressed with them just as I was.

  44. Avatar of Robert Bąk

    Robert Bąk

    Utrzymanie porządku w moich papierach działa dobrze. Zamek nadal działa po kilku miesiącach

  45. Avatar of 京助 井高

    京助 井高

    いつも財布に入れて持ち歩くとは限らないあらゆる種類のカード (図書館カード、ポイントカード、バウチャーカード、食堂など) の保管場所としてフォルダーを使用しています。家族全員が自分の色を持っているので、混乱することはなく、子供たちも自分のカードを個別に整理できます.

  46. Avatar of Jimmy Schultz

    Jimmy Schultz

    I have no complaints about this briefcase so far. It looks good, holds a fair amount and has plenty of space for my various items. When mine eventually wears out, I’ll probably order this exact same one again.

  47. Avatar of Timothy M. Sluss

    Timothy M. Sluss

    I used these for my bridesmaids gift bags. They were extremely cute and perfect for them to carry everything the day of the wedding. The burlap does have a slight smell but it’s not too bad. I could not wash it out but did spray them down to try to minimize the burlap smell.

  48. Avatar of Leah Burgmann

    Leah Burgmann

    I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m very happy with this purchase. The bags are sturdy and well made. If you are considering getting them, go ahead and do it they won’t disappoint.

  49. Avatar of Roger D. Donovan

    Roger D. Donovan

    Ordered them for my wife and she really liked them. They’re big enough to hold her groceries.

  50. Avatar of Granville LaGarde

    Granville LaGarde

    These bags were so much nicer than I expected. Very sturdy and the lining inside keeps belongings dry

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