Environment Care

Environment Care

‘Jute an Eco Friendly alternative for a Sustainable Future’ is an ecologically focused manufacturing company, which has established itself as a creative, high quality, eco-bag specialist.

‘Jute an Eco Friendly alternative for a Sustainable Future’ we recognize that many industrial processes and practices are harmful to the environment and exploit the world’s natural resources. It is this awareness that has motivated us to develop a product that provides businesses and organisations with a sustainable marketing solution that also demonstrates their green credentials to their clients.

We have incorporated sustainable measures into our daily activities and work processes so that our business success is not comprised by practices that harm the environment. We willingly accept the fact that financial and manpower resources have to be allocated to ensure that good environmental practice is carried out in all areas of the company’s operations.

Through measurement and examination of the impact of our own activities, we seek to eliminate or reduce pollution on a continual basis and meet relevant environmental legislation.

‘Jute an Eco Friendly alternative for a Sustainable Future’ we agree to:
1. Assign a dedicated Environmental Champion who is charged with ensuring that our environmental objectives and targets are achieved.
2. Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental best practice.
3. Ensure that we work with suppliers that demonstrate good environmental management.
4. Seek to reduce the environmental impacts of our bags by transporting them to the factory using sustainable transport options and consolidating orders.
5. Minimize the use of raw materials in the factory and office.
6. As a Zero Waste to Landfill business we prioritize the reduction of waste, followed by re-use, recycling and where there is no alternative, energy recovery.
7. Encourage employees to use sustainable transport options, on both their commute and any business travel.
8. Make it a central aim of our market strategy to let our customers know the environmental benefits of our products.
9. Display our Environment Care at work and make it available on our website.