Burlap Bags

At Asia Jute, we offer ecofriendly burlap bags in various sizes, beach totes to jute shopping bags.

Do you know What Is Burlap?

This coarse-weave fabric is also referred to as “hessian” or “jute,” since it’s made from long jute fiber. It’s also been used for industrial applications, such as feed sacks, sandbags, backing for carpeting or linoleum, as a medium for painting, or for erosion control on steep slopes. The rough fabric is sustainable and biodegradable, and can have a service life of up to three years or more.

What Can We Do With Burlap?

Products made with this rustic fabric can have all kinds of uses, for packaging and decoration. Check out, for instance, our jute mesh, with a loose weave of squares – it’s heavy and strong, yet flexible and attractive. Our rolls of jute fabric can make an excellent window display, or can be put to use for floral arrangements, arts and crafts or other creative projects.

Browse our selection of jute Burlap Bags, a leading choice for a wide variety of applications. Burlap tote bags are extremely popular due to their natural rustic beauty, strong durable fabric and eco-friendly qualities. Published sizes are approximate.

Wholesale Jute Burlap Bags are 100% Eco Friendly and Reusable. At Asia Jute, we provide the best customer service 24/7 and lowest prices guaranteed on the web. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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