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Food grade VOT Jute Sack Bags are now increasingly used in the agro-based industries.  Traditional jute bags contain mineral-oil based batching oil and therefore there is a chance of contamination and odor from the oil.  To remove this problem, jute manufacturing process use vegetable batching oil.

Thus the bags are protected against any contamination of hydrocarbons as well as devoid of kerosene odor. With the use of vegetable oil, hydrocarbon free bags meet international quality standards of Food Grade packing agro-based products.

Some of the key advantages of using hydrocarbon free VOT Jute Sack Bags are following:

  • Safest way to pack agro-based products as the bag preserves in the most natural way
  • Use of non-toxic vegetable oil is compulsory for packing some agro-based products
  • The advantages of jute biodegradability, breathability and other benefits remain intact
  • No off flavors or taste when edibles are stored in the bag.
  • Made in Bangladesh

These Food Grade VOT Jute Sack Bags are now popular in packing rice, potato, cocoa, coffee, peanuts, and onion among others.  We can also include a tag on the bag with ‘hydrocarbon free’ sign for greater awareness.

This fabric is available in the sacking or hessian fabric.  Buyer’s need to inform us about the bag size and quality.

Woven wholly from jute, sacking bags are heavier in weight and have a coarse texture as the fabric is made generally from the lower grade raw jute.  The weaving process is single weft and double warp and available in plain or twill form.

Jute sacking bags find primary importance in the agro-based and cement industries for storing bulking commodities ranging from 50-100 kgs.

Some of the commodities packed in sacking bags are rice, sugar, wheat, coffee, cocoa, onion, peanuts, black pepper, potato, cotton, fertilizer, seeds and other bulky materials.

Food Grade VOT Jute Sack Bags have many advantages over the synthetic bags, e.g. bio-degradable, breathable, reusability among others, and hence there is an increasing demand from.

Food Grade VOT Jute Sack Bag is the most popular hydrocarbon free or Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) and environment friendly packaging solution for agricultural industries.

This jute sack bag specially made for agro based industries and has no contamination with hydrocarbon and free from kerosene and petroleum oil. This jute sack bag also popular as jute burlap bag/ Gunny bag etc.

Different quality and size of VOT Jute Sack Bags:

We are able to supply many type of Jute sacks as per buyer’s requirement but most commonly used jute sacks are Standard B Twill sack, Binola Twill sack, L Twill sack, Heavycees sack, Lightcees sack, A Twill sack, DW Flour sack etc.


Most commonly used jute sacks size are: 44 X 26.5/ 2.25lbs, 44×26.5/2.00 lbs, 48×28/2.25 lbs, 43×29/2.5 lbs, 43×29/2.25lbs etc. But buyer can order various size according to their packaging requirement.

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