Jute Gunny Bags

Jute Gunny BagsJute is a golden fiber of a Bangladesh. Bangladesh is holding the First position in producing Jute. Worlds 98% Jute producing in Bangladesh. For that reason Bangladesh Jute Gunny Bags are first choice of all Buyers and Importers. Day by day the demand of Jute made products are increasing. There is more than seventy percent of RH(Relative Humidity) present in the weather of Bangladesh which is a great positive atmosphere for producing Jute.

To make Jute fiber it needs about more than seven cm of rainfall in the rainy season, and it occurs in Bangladesh. Jute makes the fiber, which is produced after washing the Jute and keeping it wet for a certain amount of time.

Purpose of Use: 
Jute Gunny Bags have been used for packaging of various exportable agricultural commodities viz. Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Palm Kernels, Copra, Grains, Cereals, Cashew nuts, Shenuts, Shorgum, Gum Arabic, Maize, Wheat, Rice, Palm Kernels, Dry Copra etc.

For making Jute Gunny Bags one must have to woven it from the lower rank. And the lower rank of Jute Fabric is on hand as a weave diagonal line and basic.

The demand of Jute Gunny Bags or other Jute based product is increasing because of their environmental friendliness. Not only in few countries, demand of eco-friendly product’s are increasing globally. The Jute Gunny Bags are globally known as Hydro Carbon Material or Jute Hessian or Jute Burlap Bag.

The Jute Gunny Bags are of various types but up told are the most popular types of Jute Gunny Bags.  The Jute Gunny Bags are highly capable bags. The Jute Gunny Bags are able to take even a hundred kilogram of weight for the needs.

Jute Gunny Bags despite of being environment friendly the Gunny Bags are really strong bag. Gunny Bags are available in different size and weight. The Jute Gunny Bags are biodegradable. Much has been told about Jute Gunny Bags above.

Getting quality jute bags has become simpler and easier. This is mainly attributed to the demand of these bags going up. This increase in demand is brought about by more people knowing the benefits of these bags. Besides being eco-friendly, these bags are also attractive. The main reason behind this is that the bags come out in distinct colors which ensure they are optimally attractive. The bags are also available in different designs and sizes. Some of the most popular amongst these bags are the jute gunny bags. These bags if properly made they provide users with optimum value for their money. One of the top African jute gunny bag import and buying assist company is known as Africa Jute.

Download Bangladesh Jute Bag Brochure

Bangladesh Jute Bag Brochure



A-twill, B-twill, L-twill, fine twill cloth, D.W. salt, D.W. flour, Light Cees and Heavy Cees are some popular types of jute gunny bags.

The strength and durability of jute sacks as well as the safety that the hydrocarbon-free ones offer make them truly dependable sacking material and worth the purchase of manufacturers and consumers.

We mainly export the following types of jute gunny bags with Hemmed at mouth, Overhead dry sewn / Herackle sewn.

New Binola jute bags
Size: 112 cm x 67.5 cm (44″ x 26.5″)
Weight: 907 gm (2.00 lbs) each
Porter & Shots: 6 x 7
Packaging Capacity: 90/100 kgs various commodities

New B-twill jute bags
Size: 112 cm x 67.5 cm (44″ x 26.5″)
Weight: 1020 gm (2.25 lbs) each
Porter & Shots: 6 x 8
Packaging Capacity: 90/100 kgs various commodities

Light Cees jute bags
Size: 109 cm x 74 cm (43″ x 29″)
Weight: 1020 gm (2.25 lbs) each
Porter & Shots: 8 x 8
Packaging Capacity: 100/110 kgs various commodities

New Binola twills jute bags
Size: 96.5 cm x 67.5 cm (38″ x 26.5″)
Weight: 790 gm (1.74 lbs) each
Porter & Shots: 6 x 7
Packaging Capacity: 50/60 kgs various commodities

Main Use of these jute gunny bags are packing agricultural products such as Rice, Wheat, Paddy, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Potato, Onions, Peanuts, Black Pepper, Seeds, Cotton etc. These sack bags also use for dairy / poultry / cattle feeds packing.

Besides the above mentioned jute gunny bags, we also export jute bags of other size and qualities.. like: 40”x28” – 2.25 lbs 8×9, 60”x30” – 3.25 lbs 6×8, 48”x30”, 45”x30”, 48”x28” – 2.50 lbs 6×8, 48”x29” – 2.50 lbs, 43”x29” – 1.94 lbs, 42”x29” – 1.89 lbs, 39.5”x23.5” – 1.45 lbs and other sizes and weights as per buyer’s requirements. 

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