What is Food Grade Vegelable Oil Treated VOT Jute Bag ?

What is Food Grade Vegelable Oil Treated VOT Jute Bag ?


The standard specification of the International Jute Organisation (IJO 98/01) for such jute bags used in packaging selected food items (Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans, and Shelled Nuts) stipulates that the bags should not contain unsaponifiable exceeding 1250 mg./kg; the ingredients used as batching oils shall be nontoxic and approved for use in packing materials that will come in contact with food materials and batching oils shall also not contain compounds that could produce off-flavors or off-tastes in food materials packed in jute bags. These tests are done in accordance with IUPAC Method WG1/90 and British Standard 3845:1990.

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Normal Jute Bags are fit for packaging most of the agricultural commodities like paddy, nuts, shelled lentils, soybeans, potatoes, onions, etc. But Food Grade Jute Bags are fit for packaging rice, wheat, flour, coffee, cocoa beans, etc.

International Jute Study Group IJSG

Since Food Grade Jute Bags are manufactured from the yarn processed with vegetable oils, these are called VOT (Vegetable Oil Treated) Jute Bags.

VOT jute bags are –

  • Hydrocarbon free
  • Becoming more popular for food packaging
  • Exclusively used for packaging of cocoa and coffee beans to maintain international standards.