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Hydrocarbon Free VOT (Vegetable Oil Treated) B-Twill Jute Bag especially Produced by Asia Jute! Food Grade VOT B-Twill Jute Bag has become increasingly popular in fact the recent past.

These Food Grade B-Twill Jute Bags are generally using for West African’s main crops include Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, Sesame, gum arabic, sorghum, and sugarcane. The main subsistence crops are sorghum and millet, with smaller amounts of wheat, corn, and barley packaging of various agri-commodities as much as viz, Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Cashew nuts, Peanuts, Shea nuts, Groundnuts, Palm kernels, Grains, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice, Cereals, etc.

Among our offered B-Twill Jute Bag particularly there are sacking bags and burlap Sack or Hessian Sack or gunny Sack bag. Particularly, some examples of Twill Sacking Bags are Binola twill bag, B-Twill Jute Bag, L-Twill Jute Bags, and A-Twill Jute bag, etc. Whereas Light Cees Bag, Heavey Cees Bag, DW Hop Bag, DW Nitrate Bag, DW Flour Bag, and DW Salt Bag, etc. are examples of Food Grade B-Twill Jute bags. On the other hand, a burlap bag or hessian bag produced from hessian cloth comes with plain weave only.


These Food Grade B-Twill Jute Bag has been used for packaging of various agri-commodities viz. Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, Shea Nuts, Groundnuts, Palm kernels, Grains, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice, Cereals etc.

Product Specification

  • PRODUCT CODE: T – 102
  • CAPACITY: 100 KG
  • DIMENSIONS: H: 44 X W: 26.5 INCH (112 X 68 CM)
  • WEIGHT: 1020 GRAM (2.25 LBS)
  • PORTER & SHOT: 6 X 8
  • 20′ FT CONTAINER LOADING: 65 BALE = 19,500 PCS
  • 40′ FT CONTAINER LOADING: 86 BALE = 25,800 PCS
  • HS-CODE: 6305.10.00

Sample Policy

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.

Payment Terms

  1. Proforma Acceptance:  After issuing, this Proforma Invoice should be accepted within 24-48 Hours.
  3. Production Lead Time:  Generally, 7 – 30 Working days required after receiving Advance Payment.
  4. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving Outstanding Payments.
  5. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments (Minimum 5 x 20′ FCL) are acceptable.
  6. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  7. 3rd Party inspection: SGS / INTERTEK / BUREAU VERITAS inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  8. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms


Negotiable Documents

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading (BL)
  3. Packing and Weight List
  4. Shipping Marks
  5. Country of Origin Certificate
  6. Others Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, 3rd Party inspection Certificate, Lab Test Report, GSP Certificate, etc.)

Food Grade VOT B-Twill Jute Bag Price:

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Featured Products

All products sizes are similar with different weight. You can choose any similar products from here. 


Check all Jute Sacking Bags from the Brochure. If you are not capable of downloading the PDF File, just send us an email at info@asiajute.com

About Asia Jute

Food Grade VOT B-Twill Jute Bag has become increasing surely in the recent past. On top of this, the material used to make them is especially natural fiber and comes in natural colors. This allows the Food Grade VOT B-Twill Jute Bag to come out being attractive and also strong.

Asia Jute does not change with time risks such as being left behind and being unable to meet the needs of the customers. However, this company is always striving to ensure that it adapts to the changing times for the sake of the customers. The company also keeps on improving the products so that the customers can get more varieties and the products can always be of the highest quality.

Besides the local customers, the company also supplies Food Grade Vegetable Oil Treated Hydrocarbon free Jute Sack Bag beyond Bangladesh. This indeed that it supplies individuals and retailers who are beyond the country. Even people in general who are beyond the country can be guaranteed that they will get the Food Grade VOT Twill Jute Sacking Bag within a short time.


The strength and durability of jute gunny bags as well as the safety that the hydrocarbon-free ones offer make them truly dependable sacking material and worth the purchase of manufacturers and consumers. Jute sack bag/gunny bag also known as Natural Jute Sacking Bag or Hessian Sack or Burlap Sack.

We mainly export the following types of Bangladesh Jute Bags or jute sack bags or Jute Gunny Bags… especially with Hemmed at the mouth or Overhead dry sewn/Herackle sewn.

in fact, cheap Jute Products are becoming the flavor of this season. So, what is so special about these blank jute bags which are surprisingly very cheap to get.

On the other hand, a Jute Gunny Bag produced from Jute Sacking Cloth comes with Twill weave only. If you have any bulk volume requirements, it is to be sure that, you will get a good wholesale price from us. In general, Our Minimum Order is a 10 x 20’FCL Jute Sack Bag.

Jute bags are big in the fashion world owing to their great looks. Finally, It will make good sense for you to explore the option of Wholesale Jute Products.

The Business Development Manager of Asia Jute can answer for instance any questions that the customers might have. Therefore, Asia Jute is definitely a top company when it comes to Bangladesh Jute Sack Bag manufacturing. Another key point, is that is not necessary to send us an Email, just Fill up the above QUICK QUOTE REQUEST FORM, you will get immediate feedback from us.

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VOT B-Twill Jute Bag Perfect for Ghana Cocoa Board 

Asia Jute’s first thing to remember is the world’s largest B-Twill Jute Bag wholesaler. This means that clients in general who would like to sell the B-Twill Jute Bag in huge quantities can easily order. The main factor that facilitates this is that the company has been able to reach out even to the customers in particular who are far away geographically.

VOT Btwill jute bag with natural cotton drawstring handles.

Available in natural jute color, small or VOT B twill jute Sack bags.

Cost-Effective Jute Bag

They are made of jute, a natural fiber with a golden, silky sheen, earning it the nickname ‘Golden Fiber’.It is completely biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Jute is also the cheapest vegetable fiber obtained from the bast or bark of plant stems. Jute is made from plants that grow in hot and humid climates.

  • 100% Environment-friendly (Eco-friendly).
  • 100% Biodegradable Material to the fullest extent possible.
  • Long Term Durable (Can Easily Carry Heavy Load)
  • Long-term usable.
  • Attractive (Very Popular).

Standard B twill jute bags are biodegradable, so if not used for a long period of time, they will naturally degrade and the earth will not be polluted. Jute can also be used as garden compost.

There is no environmental pollution because it is a natural material that decomposes within a certain period of time. All these factors make jute the greenest natural fiber available. Personalized Standard B Twill Jute Bag

Personalized VOT B-Twill Jute Bag

This is the cheapest fiber made from the bast or bark of plant stems. Because jute is a natural plant fiber, it can be woven into any shape or size.

Jute fibers combine beautifully with a wide variety of filaments and common colors, but are also tolerant of cellulose colors such as regular, essential, sulfur, and shadow colors, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Hessian jute bags are stylish and fashionable. A jute bag printed with your company’s emblem is an excellent advertising medium. Your durable Hessian burlap bags will be used again and again by your recipients, increasing your brand awareness and maximizing your advertising revenue.

Eco-Friendly Standard B-Twill Jute Bag

The jute sack material is 100% biodegradable, recyclable with little energy consumption, highly breathable, and easy to carry. They are made of natural fibers and retain their strength over time. This biodegradable material is also fire-resistant and has high moisturizing power.

Standard B twill jute bags are designed to maintain their luster and opacity over time. Advantages of jute products

Jute Products’ Benefits

Jute helps produce high-quality modern yarns, fabrics, nets, and bags. It is one of the most versatile strands used for bundling raw materials, materials, non-materials, development, and rural sections. Bulky yarns have lower tenacity and higher elongation at break when used in ternary blends.

High stretch and minimal stretch allow the texture to breathe more easily. Jute has excellent anti-static properties, ensuring that no static builds up during the manufacture or use of Standard B Twill Jute Bags.

Jute Sack Bags vs. Plastic Sacking Bags

Plastic bags are designed for single use. Many of these items were discarded facing streams, sewers, parks, roads, and beaches.

Several organizations say the use of fragile plastic bags should be banned immediately.

Jute is strong enough to withstand the hazards of long-distance transportation, and the material transported in jute bags is breathable and does not deteriorate quickly.

Best Quality B-Twill Jute Bags

Buy B-Twill Jute Bag Today:

We offer Standard B-Twill Jute Bag from Bangladesh. Our Jute Bags have durability, are eco-friendly, have high tensile strength, and above all cost-effective.

Jalil Mia Jute Mills Ltd. The types of Bags manufactured can be classified according to to produce, fine yarns, hessian yarns, carpet, sacking yarns, etc. We manufacture and export Jute Yarns to Jute Finished Products.

Amin Jute Mills Limited. The first thing to remember Jute is a golden fiber of Bangladesh. Especially Bangladesh Jute Yarn is a light string or strong thread composed of two or smaller strands of jute yarn twisted together. Jute twisted yarns particularly are 100% biodegradable and pollution-free natural packaging material.

In fact, Our Jute Yarn is spun from raw fiber used for weaving, and knitting various types of fabrics.

In general, About 90% of jute fiber is spun into yarn for fabrics.

After all Fine Yarn is very essential for the production of diversified goods.

Until now our jute twine is very popular for its quality and softness.

In a word, jute is a natural bast fiber with a good spinnable character. Two major manufactured products from fibers not only Jute Yarn but also Jute Twine.

Do you need Cheap Bangladesh Jute Bag at a Wholesale Price particularly?

Asia Jute, is a manufacturer and exporter of Jute Sack, Gunny Bag, and also Jute Products. In the meantime, the e-commerce store is to bring the jute products close to you. In due time You can now purchase the jute yarns even from the comfort of your home by visiting our website. At the present time, We have a variety of products to meet all your needs.

B-Twill Jute Bag | Bangladesh Jute Bag – A Perfect Choice!

In effect day by day, the demand for Jute-made products are increasing. There is more than seventy percent of RH present in the weather of Bangladesh. That is a great positive atmosphere for producing Raw Jute. To make Jute fiber it needs more than seven cm of rainfall in the rainy season, and it occurs in Bangladesh. Generally, Jute Yarns are prepared for use in weaving, knitting, and manufacturing sewing thread, jute yarns have single or multiple-ply.  These are used for the purpose of tying, knotting, binding, etc, particularly for agricultural commodities.


Our stock range includes Binola Jute Bag, DW Jute Bag, Sugar Twill Jute Bag, Twill Jute Sack, Burlap Sack Includes Jute Gunny Bag. If you are looking for high-quality jute Sacking Bag and burlap in Sudan, West Africa, East Africa, America, Europe & Australia and Middle East, please visit our Jute Bag shop.

Besides being eco-friendly, these Jute bags are also attractive. The Jute Gunny Bags are also available in different designs and sizes. After all, some of the most popular amongst these bags are the Bangladesh Jute Gunny Bag. Hence these bags if properly made provide users with optimum value for their money.

At the present time, Ecofriendly Jute Products are available at Asia Jute. Generally, we are selling Jute bagsJute SackJute Gunny Bags, Wholesale Jute Bags & Crafts.

  • Buy Jute Spinners yarn from Asia Jute
  • Buy CB Quality Jute Yarn
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  • Buy CRX Quality Jute Yarn  
  • Buy CRP Quality Jute Yarn
  • Buy CRT Quality Jute Yarn
  • Buy Hessian Quality Jute Yarn
  • Buy Sacking Quality Jute Yarn

Best Jute Bag producers: where to buy Bangladesh Jute Sack

First, there is the strength and durability of this hemp cord. The durable material makes it suitable for carrying heavy items. Even when used for heavy objects, this thread will not break or break. This wholesale jute yarn is also known as lifelong twine because it will last for years. However, you may wonder if these jute yarns are really eco-friendly.

  • Buy Japan Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Saudi Arabia Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy China Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Indonesia Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Turkey Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Nepal Jute Sack Bag
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  • Buy Malawi Jute Yarn
  • Buy Equatorial Guinea Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Nigeria Jute Sack Bag
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  • Buy Australia Jute Sack Bag
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  • Buy Argentina Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Chile Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Colombia Jute Sack Bag
  • Buy Peru Jute Sack Bag

Is Jute Yarn environmentally friendly?

To understand whether twine is environmentally friendly, we need to know more about the product. Jute is a tall, fibrous plant. Jute is a fiber harvested from the trunk and bark. It is often called the golden fiber and is spun into thread or a cloth known as burlap. Its composition makes jute durable. No fertilizer or water is required to grow.

Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.

There are a number of reasons why they are an eco-friendly option besides their long lifespan. This product is biodegradable and will be completely broken down in just 1-2 years. It is also compostable and can be used as a fertilizer for farmland.

We mainly export the following types of Bangladesh Jute Bags or jute sack bags or Jute Gunny Bags… especially with Hemmed at the mouth or Overhead dry sewn/Herackle sewn.

Alhaj Jute Mills Ltd.

Jute can also be harvested in tropical climates without the use of heavy industrial equipment.

Surely Jute Sacks are popular and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for the total agricultural industry. In fact, Exporting the Jute sacking bags are showing that their demand is increasing regularly by geographical barriers.

Significantly that international customers are making orders after which the company takes minimal time to execute these orders.

Afroza Azam Khan Jute Mills

The production process also offers eco-friendly benefits. Plus, jute grows incredibly fast in just four to six months.

Janata Jute Mills Ltd.

For this reason, it can be considered a renewable resource.

Keraniganj Jute Fibres Ltd.

In fact, jute is more sustainable than cotton and can also benefit the local communities that harvest this product, contributing to economic development in third-world countries.

M. H. Jute Mills Ltd.

As such, jute is indeed an eco-friendly product, and many experts even believe it could be the answer to the problem of deforestation.

Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills (BD) Ltd.

Most commonly seen. Why are they trending today?

Popular Jute Mills Ltd.

The main reason jute yarn and twine are so popular is the fact that it is eco-friendly products are becoming more interesting and interesting in Being green also makes it stylish and jute yarn is part of this trend. 

R. K. Jute Mills Ltd.

It helps to be a socially responsible choice that offers customers more for less. Interested in joining your company’s trend?

Reliance Jute Mills Ltd.

If so, you may want to consider taking a look at our jute twine range. We have options for all kinds of retailers and businesses.

Shamsher Jute Mills Ltd.

Personalized printed jute yarns from The Printed Jute Yarn Shop are strong, durable, attractively branded with a logo, slogan, or image, and offer several great benefits. Printed jute twine is one of the most popular reusable Jute yarns for promotional business.

Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.

Shop smart and shop local with our guide to Bangladesh Jute yarn manufacturers!

Yeasin Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.

We’ve rounded up 29 of our favorite Jute Spinning industries for you to try.

Asha Jute Industries Ltd.

We’ve all heard of the big-name Bangladesh Jute yarn producers, but what about the smaller names? 

Kwality Jute Yarn Mills Lld.

There are some amazing wool manufacturers out there spinning gorgeous jute yarns from carefully sourced local and international flocks, and we’re here to introduce them to you! In this list, we’ll round up 28 of our favorite Bangladesh Jute yarn suppliers for you to try.

Sadat Jute Industries Ltd.

CB Quality Jute Yarn’s belief is that you get the finest yarn made from happier, healthier jute.

Usha Jute Spinners Ltd.

Their Bangladeshi jute yarn is made from bast fiber from small and medium welfare farms in northern Scotland. North Country Cheviot Jute land is the star of its yarn range. Notice the beautiful bright-colored Dyed Cheviot DK.

Sonali Aansh Industries Ltd.

Home Farm, on the border of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, is home to the largest Wensleydale jute herd in the world. The farm dates back more than 900 years of his history (also featured in the Domesday Book!) and has been revived by its current owners and thriving as a rare jute spinning mill. 

RMT Jute Mills Ltd.

They sell an amazing range of natural and hand-dyed jute, but the star of Home Farm Shop is undoubtedly their unique collection of traditional Bangladeshi hand-spun jute yarns.

Ahad Jute Mills Ltd.

Armscor Manor in Warwickshire has been home to a flock of Portland jute for 20 years. Portland is one of England’s oldest known jute varieties, and its fleece forms the basis for Armscote Manor Portland jute. 

Ahad Jute Spinners Ltd.

This undyed jute spun yarn is available in DK and his 4-ply weights and is also available as a mix with Black He Welsh His Mountain, another breed bred at the Manor.

Akij Jute Mills Ltd.

Cambrian Mountain Jute’s beautiful yarns are produced on farms in the Cambrian Mountains region of central Wales and the company wants to raise awareness not only of local jute production but also of the designers, manufacturers, and makers who use jute. 

Afil Jute Weaving Mills Ltd.

In their shop, you can find DK and 4ply yarns made from the finest Welsh Mules (a local breed crossed with Bluefaced Leicester).

Alina Jute Mills Ltd.

Knitwear Her BareFaced Twine, created by her designer Jo Storie, combines a Bluefaced Leicester with a plush Baby Her alpaca and is available exclusively through her website. 

Altu Khan Jute Mills Ltd.

The Main Use of these jute sacking bags or jute gunny bags is packing agricultural products such as Rice, Wheat, Paddy, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Potato, Onions, Peanuts, Black Pepper, Seeds, Cotton, etc. These jute bags also use for dairy/poultry/cattle feeds packing.

Aditya Translink Private Ltd.

We are particularly specialized in Bangladesh Jute Bag and Jute Sack Bags. We offer Jute Sacking Bags to clarify of high quality available in plain and twill forms. Sacking is the basic jute product that is known in the bag trade as heavy goods.

Alliance Mills (Lessees) Ltd.

After all cheap jute bags are becoming the flavor of this season. So, what is so special about these jute bags which are surprisingly very cheap to get. In fact, you can even get them as wholesale jute shopping bags and wholesale cotton canvas bags.

Ambica Jute Mill Limited

Even so, the best part about buying wholesale jute bags is that you get them at a much cheaper price. Whereas you can gift these eco-friendly bags to your favorite personnel.

Anglo India Jute & Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd.

We eventually export to Agricultural companies, Automobile Industries, and small businesses, with quality items for wholesale prices. We presently live for our business and wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Angus Company Limited

This is also an important quality since even a person making a purchase for the first time can know exactly what to do even without having to ask anyone.

As proof of the quality services and products that surely this company provides there are many reviews and testimonials from past clients. These are customers who bought Jute Sacking Bag from this particular company and they came back to confirm to be sure that they were totally satisfied.

Bally Jute Company Limited

In the first place, are you Looking for Bangladesh Jute Bag, Wholesale Jute BagsJute Yarn, Jute Sack, Burlap Fabrics, Jute Gunny Bag, or a Hessian Sack? Sooner or later, You’ve come to the right place!

Birla Corporation Ltd.

Moreover, This means that customers with different needs can find bags that meet their needs perfectly. Similarly, These Bangladesh Jute Bag comes in different sizes depending on the needs of the customers.

Birla Jute Mills

Correspondingly the main types of jute bags manufactured by this particular company include A-twill, B-twill, L-twill, D.W. Flour, D.W. salt, D.W Nitrate, Light Cees, heavy Cees, Sydney woolpacks, cement bags, and Australian corn sack among others.

Bowreah Jute Mills Pvt. Ltd.

This is an important aspect, especially considering that new technology is bringing about better ways of making Jute Gunny Bags. Additionally, this in turn requires the company to keep on improving its products and services. Furthermore, market trends are constantly changing as time progresses.

Budge Budge Co.Ltd.

The prices of Bangladesh Jute Bag from this company are also significantly lower than those from other companies. This is mainly because this particular company has the necessary resource that allows it to lower its prices. However, the reduction in price does not mean that the quality is lowered.

Caledonian Jute & Industries Ltd.

This in turn makes the customers trust the company and they come back whenever they need more Jute bags. When a customer complains about an issue regarding the bags the response is usually prompt. As a result, the customers get exactly the jute sacks they need. 

Cheviot Co. Ltd.

Dalhousie Jute Company

Eluru Jute Mills Private Ltd.

Gloster Ltd.

Hooghly Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.

Hooghly Mills Co. Ltd.

Hooghly Jute Mills

Jagatdal Jute & Industries Ltd.

Kamarhatty Co. Ltd.

Kanknarrah Co. Ltd.

Ludlow Jute & Specialities Ltd.

Mahadeo Jute & Industries Ltd.

Murlidhar Ratanlal Exports Ltd.

Gondalpara Jute Mills

Hastings Jute Mill

India Jute Mill

Premchand Jute & Industries Pvt.Ltd.

RDB Textiles Ltd.
Victoria Jute Works

Reliance Jute Mills (International) Ltd.

Sri Sitarama Lakshmi Jute Mills Pvt. Ltd.

The Calcutta Jute Mfg. Co. Ltd.

The Empire Jute Co.Ltd.

The Ganges Mfg. Co. Ltd.

The Mahabir Jute Mills Ltd.

The Naihati Jute Mills Co.Ltd.

Trend Vyapaar Ltd.
Kelvin Jute Mills

Vijai Shree Pvt. Ltd.
Fort William Jute Mills Division

Born, drawn, and spun in Bangladesh, this Bangladeshi jute Yarn has chunky weight and DK weight and comes in a variety of colors including 3 hand-dyed shades, our favorite undiscovered Bangladesh is one of the jute makers.

Amena Jute Fibres Ltd.

Two of her best friends, passionate about jute, embarked on a mission to make her jute Yarn 100% Welsh.

Albatross Jute Industries Ltd.

S. Jute Industries Ltd.

Salam Jute Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

Transocean Fibres Processors (BD) Ltd.

Wahab Jute Mills Ltd.

Zaman Jute Diversified Mills Ltd.

Entirely Welsh and manufactured from jute to skein, their 4ply and DK yarns are made from Welsh Mules and Welsh Blueface Leicester jute and are hand dyed with acid dyes. 


Jobaida Karim Jute Mills Ltd.

Jute Textile Mills Ltd.

Jamuna Jute Industries Ltd.

Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.

King Jute Mills Ltd.

Laxman Jute Mills Ltd.

Mazeda Jute Industries Ltd.

Moon Star Jute Mills Ltd.

Mimu Jute Mills Ltd.

Nowapara Jute Mills Ltd.

Northern Jute Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Natural Jute Mill Ltd.

North Bengal Golden Fiber & Diversified Jute Mills.

Oriental Jute Mills Ltd.

Pride Jute Mills Ltd.

Partex Jute Mills Ltd.

Rajbari Jute Mills Ltd.

Razzaque Jute Industries Ltd.

Rahman Jute Spinners (Pvt.) Ltd.

Roman Jute Mills Ltd.

Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.

Sharif Jute Mills Ltd.

Sidlaw Textiles (BD) Ltd.

Super Jute Mills Ltd.

The included samples show how well the yarn works for colorwork and cables. The Natural Fiber Company of Launceston, Cornwall has been spinning since 1991, processing and dyeing nonwovens for a wide range of customers, as well as producing its own range, Blacker Jute yarns. 

Abul Islam Jute Mills Ltd.

In fact, Jute fabric is easy to decorate, you can screen print, silkscreen, heat transfer, or embroidery on these Jute Bags. In any event, we will be happy to decorate Jute Bags for you, order your personalized Jute Products. We also offer blank jute bags if you would like to decorate them with your special events.

Aziz Fibres Ltd.

In the meantime, We offer a number of different types of natural jute handbags. Hence, If you’d like jute conference seminars & Symposium bags that hold a laptop and necessary documents, we have those available as well. Regardless of the occasion, the decision to order one of our many Jute Messenger bags or Corporate Bags is a natural choice.

Haider Kazi Jute Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.

This Bangladesh His Jute His Yarn collection has something for everyone, from everyday staples to luxurious blends.

Al-Amin Jute Mills Ltd.

Look for the jute symbol, which indicates the softness of the yarn, and keep an eye out for the Limited Edition and Rare section for special and rare varieties of yarn.

B.S. Jute Spinners Ltd.

Finally, We provide the best available prices in the market for eco-friendly jute products. Whether they be jute bagsjute sackBangladesh Jute BagJute Gunny bagJute Yarn, or jute Fabrics. Obviously, Shop our large variety of Jute Products at wholesale prices at asiajute.com

Goldesia Jute Mills Ltd.

If you are looking for a limited-edition Bangladesh jute Yarn, Iona Jute is the place for you.

Dahmashi Jute Industries Ltd.

Their jute Yarn and twines are spun exclusively from jute varieties native to the Scottish Isles. “Because of the mixture of all the different breeds, our yarn appears a warm, rich natural gray that is the collective color of the island flock,” they explain. 

Faridpur Jute Fibres Ltd.

This natural shade Complements the small dyed products that include eye-catching gemstone tones inspired by the region. Choose 100g dumplings, or for larger projects, he chooses 500g cones.

F. R. Jute Mills Ltd.

Made of 100% Jute Fabric, obviously, these jute bags are incredibly versatile. In summary, You may even opt to personalize these burlap jute bags with your company logo. Therefore you can use them as giveaways at your company events. Regardless of if you use these Hessian or Burlap jute bags for your business, they will give the natural look that you desire.

It’s only natural to feel when you are trying to find the very best Jute products on the market. Not to worry, When it comes to quality and versatility, we have exactly what you need.

Nur-Jamal Jute Mills Ltd.

GEM Jute Ltd.

If you purchase the yarn in a skein or skein, the yarn must be wound onto the skein before you begin knitting. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a nasty tangle. Use a string swift and a ball winder to make the process easier. Check out our picks for the best thread-winding machines! And don’t forget to purchase a jute detergent such as Soak or Eucalan to keep your beautiful yarn looking its best.

Golden Jute Industries Ltd.

With over 100 years of yarn manufacturing experience, Laxtons is a long-established Bangladeshi jute yarn brand. Today, in their state-of-the-art Yorkshire factory, they produce a wide range of well-known brands of hand-knitted yarns, woven fabrics, upholstery, and more.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Limited

We are regularly exporting the following types of Bangladesh Jute Bag or jute sacking bags… particularly with Hemmed at the mouth, Overhead dry sewn, or Herackle sewn

Karim Jute Mills Limited

Latif Bawany Jute Mills Limited

UMC Jute Mills Limited

Rajshahi Jute Mills Limited

Juto Fibre Glass Industries Limited(Non-Jute)

Jatio Jute Mills Limited

Gul Ahmed Jute Mills Limited

Must be remembered Bangladesh is holding the First position in producing Jute. Surprisingly Worlds 89% of Jute producing in Bangladesh. For that reason, Bangladesh Jute Yarn is the first choice of all Buyers and Importers.

Hafiz Jute Mills Limited

Sooner or later We export industrial or agricultural Jute Gunny Bags which are suitable for storing high volume and bulky commodities. Straightaway these bags are available in natural colors with options for prints.

M M Jute Mills Limited

Besides the above-mentioned Bangladesh Jute Bag, we also export jute bags of other sizes and qualities. like 40”x28” – 2.25 lbs 8×9, 60”x30” – 3.25 lbs 6×8, 48”x30”, 45”x30”, 48”x28” – 2.50 lbs 6×8, 48”x29” – 2.50 lbs, 43”x29” – 1.94 lbs, 42”x29” – 1.89 lbs, 39.5”x23.5” – 1.45 lbs and other sizes and weights as per buyer’s requirements.

R R Jute Mills Limited

We also export other kinds of jute bags which are made of 100 % natural jute. Jute bags are also durable and stylish too.

The first thing to remember our main motto is to manufacture and export Jute Sack in a diversified and innovative fashion. Specifically, we manufacture and export all kinds of Bangladesh Jute Bags that are created with traditional & trendy designs.

Bagdad-Dhaka Carpet Factory

Our products are surely spacious and they are useful. You can obviously carry all your essentials like books, wallets, phones, and other things in them. At the same time, Our Product has become a favorite accessory for stylish women to carry with them.

Kornafuli Jute Mills Limited

Plastic is not only a non-biodegradable material but also it obstructs drainage, affects the soil. After all, it is a sheer waste of natural resources.

Furat kornafuli Carpet Factory

Our Jute bags are Reusable, Biodegradable, 100% Eco Friendly, Organic, and also Carbon free.

Galfra Habib Limited(Non-Jute)

Mills Furnishing Limited(Non-Jute)

Carpeting Jute Mills Limited

Jessore Jute Industries Limited

Aleem Jute Mills Limited

Eastern Jute Mills Limited

The Crescent Jute Mills Limited

Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills Limited

Star Jute Mills Limited

Khalishpur Jute Mills Limited

Whistlebare is a small family farm in North Northumberland that raises purebred Angora goats and Wensleydale the jute. Their fleece is washed, blended, and spun in Yorkshire before being hand-dyed on the farm. Choose from an assortment of three yarns in beautiful solid colors.

Daulatpur Jute Mills Limited

But most importantly for us, they also have their own beautiful threads. Jute Soft is a 100 Bangladesh jute yarn with a low carbon footprint developed in “less than 50 miles from fleece to finished yarn”. Choose from three weights and a variety of muted colors.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation 

“With her firm commitment to using only 100% English jute sourced from British nomads and growers, we aim to support all aspects of Bangladesh jute Yarn manufacturing in processing and production.” says the shepherd’s daughter. Try Heritage, the flagship blend of Hebrideans and Zwartbles.

Jute Yarn

Or try Brume, which adds Exmoor Blueface to the blend for a gorgeous silver look. Or opt for Ram Jam, a Bangladeshi jute string that perhaps best represents their spirit. Based in Devon, UK, Alpaca is a family business with 100 alpacas and sources its fleece from other alpaca farms in the UK and Ireland.

CB Jute Yarn

Their yarn is worsted, spun for suppleness and strength, and has a perfect origin.

CRM Jute Yarn

Try our Luxurious Baby Alpaca & Silk in 4ply and DK weights, or our Superfine Alpaca hand-dyed range from our local dyers.

CRP Jute Yarn

In 2003, Garthenor produced the world’s first fully certified organic jute Yarn, and sustainability continues to be at the heart of the company’s activities.

CRX Jute Yarn

They recently pledged to plant a tree for every skein of yarn sold on their website and now use packaging made from 95% recycled materials.

CRT Jute Yarn

Their core organic yarn collection includes dyed and undyed yarns in a range of shades, all custom spun in Bangladesh.

Hessian Jute Yarn

Jamieson & Smith purchases jute from over 700 small farmers and farmers in the Shetland Islands and processes it into products such as blankets, rugs, and, of course, Yarn.

Sacking Jute Yarn

Notice the 3 Jute logo, which indicates that the yarn we use is his 100% authentic Shetland jute, which is island-born and farmed jute. 

Bangladesh Jute Yarn Manufacturer and Exporter

The company is probably best known for its 2-ply jumper weight yarn that is perfect for Fair Isle colors (why not try it for Fair Isle’s Best Knit Pattern?).

Bangladesh Jute Yarn Supplier

Spread across more than 1,200 acres of rolling Shetland hills, Ulladale Farm specializes in native jute varieties and organic production. Their signature organic products are made from natural, undyed, unbleached Yarn that reflects the colors of the flock: mullite (brown), grey, black and white.

Wholesale Jute Yarn 

We also offer a selection of organically dyed yarns with colors inspired by native flowers and moss. Don’t forget to check out the knitting kit as well, which includes all the yarns and patterns you’ll need.

Jute Yarn Trader 

Located in the Scottish Borders, The Border Mill is a small textile mill that specializes in alpaca fleece and rare varieties of jute. Your very own limited edition Bangladesh Jute Yarns has lots of personalities and an amazing range of colors. It can be difficult to decide which one to buy first. Start with Alpaca Rose, a blend of alpaca and rose fibers in rich metallics and gemstones.

Jute Spinning Industries in Bangladesh 

There aren’t many small combing mills left in the UK, but John Arbon Textiles is the owner of one. Their North Devon factory consists of old machinery, much of it from an old disused factory, lovingly restored by John himself, and well worth a visit. Tours are not currently running, but you can take a virtual look at the factory on their website. The shop is stocked with exquisite Yarn and lace spun from local, organic fibers whenever possible.

Jute Yarn Shop in Bangladesh

Show off the beautiful colors and fibers of your favorite Bangladeshi jute yarn with our knitting patterns. Cozy up with the complimentary Cable Sock Knit Pattern, knit heirlooms with the Matinee Knit Pattern, or experiment with new color combinations with the Fair Isle Knit Pattern. Show off your code with a hat and gloves, or with this knitted tapestry pattern.

Jute Yarn Store in Bangladesh

You may have seen Kate Davis’ delicious sweater and accessory patterns, but did you know she has her own string too? It was created to celebrate the jute and its traditional processing techniques and to showcase jute varieties such as Corriedale, Cheviot, and Shetland. We especially like the Mirarocky tweed with its humps and mohair halo.

Jute Yarn Online

Jute folds are great if you are looking for a specific variety of natural jute. North Ronaldsee, Hebrides, Black Welsh Mountains? They are all here! Most of the jute sold by this Cumbrian company is grown and spun Bangladeshi jute, including its own Manx Roakhtan made from his jute, as well as batting and curls for spinning and felting.

Jute Yarn Technical Parameters 

Also, keep an eye out for books by owner Alice Underwood. Knitting diagrams and detailed information about the various breeds are included. Based in Scotland, New Lanark Spinning Co manufactures yarns that are traditionally spun on historic machinery.

Best Quality Jute Yarn Manufacturing in India

To reduce their environmental impact, their machines run on renewable energy produced by hydro turbines. We produce yarns in DK, Aran and chunky weights ranging from Natural Undyed to Luxurious Donegal Silk Tweed and we also have Soil Association Approval for Bangladesh Organic Jute Yarns.

Best Quality Jute Yarn Manufacturing in Bangladesh


Jute Yarn for Carpet

Rich Eberling Bell in mohair, Cuthbert socks in nylon free sock yarn, Cheviot Marsh in 100% lamb jute.

Carpet Jute Yarn

This Lancaster shop is all about “honest jute”.

Jute Spinning Industry in India 

Locally sourced, independently produced, and mileage free. And not only do they sell other brands of Bangladeshi jute Yarn products, but they also make their own! With her Northern Yarn series made from, she is proud to “introduce Jute to customers who have probably driven one.”.

India Jute Mills Corporation 

Town End Yarns is best known for its blends of alpaca and alpaca jute. After retiring from alpaca farming, they use their extensive know-how to select the best fleece for their Yarn. Look out for beautiful pure natural alpaca made from 100% pure baby alpaca from farms in Bangladesh.

Wholesale Jute Yarn India 

Or why not try alpaca and nylon for the most comfortable socks? Crush the yarn directly at the Jutelen shop in Flåm, Somerset, or order online. Established in Shetland in the 1890s, Jamieson has been in the same family for five generations. The company now produces not only hand-knitted yarns but also limited edition Hetland He knitwear, so even those who don’t feel like making their own Fair Isle jumper can buy ready-made jumpers. If you love colored knits, Jamieson’s is for you. Try Spindrift, his flagship that weighs four times as much.

India Jute Yarn Supplier

Designer Di Gilpin is best known for his stunning couture knitwear but is also committed to creating his own collections using Scottish yarns. Share, a luxurious blend of Scottish jute and the finest Mongolian cashmere, his 100% rum spun in Scotland, his jute Lalande, DK, and Aran weights. Perfect for vintage-inspired patterns like traditional daisies.

India Jute Yarn manufacturer

Uist his jute mill on the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides is more than just a place to make yarn.

Romania Jute Yarn Manufacturer

It also supports local communities, preserves cultural traditions, and educates the general public. The mill spins fleece is purchased directly from small farmers and celebrates the natural colors produced by jute varieties such as Cheviot, Texel, and Hebridean. All yarns are produced in small batches, so if you find something you like, get it before it’s sold out!

Turkey Jute Yarn Manufacturer

Cat and Sparrow were originally born in Australia, but our favorite indie dry burlap maker has grown into one. Rather than spinning their own yarn, they create special color blends on the yarn of jute varieties from Bangladesh, some of which are blended with silk imported from India. We love their superhero DK.

This super soft line was specially designed by John Arbon for Cat & Sparrow. It’s soft, anti-pilling, and made from 100° Engraded Jute with excellent stitch definition. Its 35% Romney, 35% Blueface Dresser, and 30% Corriedale composition is springy and soft. We love her shade too – check it out. want more?

Knit yarn in style with our guide to the best knitting needles. We can also help you choose the perfect knitting bag or organizer to carry your new yarn or choose a special gift for a knitter.