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We are a professional wholesale Jute Bag manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, which can custom gift bags, Denim Bags, Cotton Bags, Burlap Bags, and wholesale Bangladesh jute bags. We can supply the highest quality and the cheapest price for you. Jute is a 100% natural fiber, biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable.

This Eco-Friendly Wholesale Jute bag is our biggest standard bag. Designed for top retailers, supermarkets, corporate houses, brand shop and it has also been a tremendous success in stately homes and fine food stores that need a flagship bag.

Our Wholesale Jute Bag works especially well in Fine Jute Fabrics and JUCO Fabs and we often supply it with a reinforced, stiffened base. As always with Asia Jute, quality is key – this is a well-made bag that can take a massive 10-20kg without complaining. The generous 11-20 cm gusset is much wider than that offered by our competitors.


Our Wholesale Jute Bag is a trendy item to carry around while strolling on a road or beach. This Eco-friendly jute bag is not only spacious but also they are very useful. You can carry all your essentials like books, wallets, phones and particularly other things in them.


  • Product Code: N – 6710
  • HS Codes: 6305.10.00
  • Material: Fine Jute Fabrics (Natural Laminated)
  • Handle: Soft Padded Handle inside Rope
  • Imprint:  1-2 Color on Both Side
  • Weight: 260 g
  • External Dimensions: H: 32 x W:42 + G: 16 cm
  • Internal Dimensions: H: 31 x W:40 + G: 14 cm
  • Carton Size: 35 x 45 + 58 cm
  • Packing: 25/Pcs in poly & 50/Pcs in a paper carton
  • Loading Capacity:
    – 20′ Full Container Loading = 300 – 320 Carton;
    – 40′ Full Container Loading = 600 – 680 Carton;
    – 40′ HQ Full Container Loading = 600 – 728 Carton;
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 15,000 Pcs
  • Production Lead Time: 7 – 30 Working Days (Depends on the order volume)
    – After Confirmation of minimum 50% Advance Payment
    – After Approval of Work Order & Artwork (.Ai, .EPS, .PDF)
    – Except for Friday-Saturday and National Holidays in Bangladesh
  • Delivery: Shipment will be made after receiving Total Payment
  • Container Loading: LCL or FCL on the requirement of Buyer

Purpose of Use

  • Corporate Branding
  • Seminar, Symposium or Annual General Meetings
  • Retail Shop Branding
  • Annual General Meetings and Official Programs
  • Training Programs Reuse for Shopping again and again

Sample Policy:

  • Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
  • Sample Fee: We need to charge $250.00 for the samples and shipping fee.
  • Refund Policy: The sample fee will fully return when bulk orders reach a minimum of the 20′ FCL.
  • Free Sample: If you are our old customer, you will get our new jute products for the first time and for free, Only DHL Shipment cost will be payable.

Payment Terms:

  1. Payment: Minimum 50% Payment Should be Paid in Advance.
  2. Production Lead Time:  7 – 30 Working days after receiving Advance Payment, Work Order & Artwork (i.e.: Depends on the order volume).
  3. Shipment: Shipment will be made within 5 – 7 days after receiving Rest Payments.
  4. Partial Shipment: Part Payments and Partial Shipments are acceptable.
  5. Tolerance: Normal Tolerance of +/-5% in Quantity and Weight is acceptable.
  6. SGS Inspection: SGS Inspection Report if required, would be provided at the buyer’s option and cost.
  7. Charges: All charges outside Bangladesh are from Applicant’s accounts.

Trade Terms:


Negotiable Documents

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (BL)/Airway Bill (AWB)
  • Packing and Weight List
  • Shipping Marks
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • Others Doc.: (By negotiation, i.e: Insurance Certificate, SGS Certificate, GSP Certificate, etc.)

Wholesale Jute Bag Price:

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Jute Bag is Reusable, Biodegradable and also 100% Eco-Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love your nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will surely use our Eco-Friendly Wholesale Jute Bag again and again and again ….

Promotional Jute Bag is an essential part of every exhibition, meeting or conference, with a large area of branding these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo or message and also have great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

Many of our imprint-able Bags come especially in many styles shapes for gusset bags Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. For this reason, Custom screen printing is our specialty.

Jute is particularly the ideal material for your promotional campaigns. It is to be sure that is eco-friendly, hard-wearing and looks attractive. When printed with your logo or artwork these bags will serve as a long term, a cost-effective walking advertisement for your company or organization. In other words, you can promote your brand sustainable, creatively and economically with our ecofriendly promotional jute products.

Wholesale Jute Bag Wholesaler
This is an important aspect especially considering that new technology is bringing about better ways of making the Jute Gift Bags. Furthermore, the market trends are constantly changing as time progresses. Without keeping up with the market it might become hard for the company to point out the right Gift bags that will satisfy the needs of the market.

Wholesale Jute Bag Supplier
Asia Jute is also the Eco Jute Gift Bags supplier. This means that for fear that the company usually supplies different kinds of customers with the jute shopping bags they need in a convent manner. This includes the customers because of who might need the jute sack bags on a wholesale base. The company also has the necessary networks that allow it to supply Gift bags to the customers.

The prices of the Eco-friendly Jute Bag from this company are also significantly lower than those from other companies. This is mainly because this particular company has the necessary resource that allows it to lower its prices.

The company also has enough manpower to let it manufacture, supply and export the Wholesale Jute Bags without having to spend a lot. However, the reduction in price does not mean that the quality is lowered. It simply means that the quality remains the same but the customer pays lower prices, therefore, allowing them to get optimum value for their money.

Wholesale Jute Bag Exporter
We are also leading the Wholesale Jute Bag Exporter of Bangladesh. This means that besides supplying local customers it also supplies international customers. The international customers can be any part of the world and despite the company will be able to deliver the bags on time.

The international customers mainly prefer the Eco Jute Bags Wholesale from this particular company because they know the Jute Bags are of the highest quality.

The company ensures that all the customers regarding the number of jute bags at the same time they need are treated with the right professionals.

This, in turn, makes the customers trust the company where they come back whenever they need more Gift bags. When a customer complains about an issue regarding the bags the response is usually prompt. As a result, the customers get exactly the bags they need.

Wholesale Jute Bag Manufacturer 
To confirm how respected and popular the wholesale jute bag from this company are one can additionally read testimonials. The testimonials are also from impartial past customers who know the kind of products and services that the company provides. The past customers just write genuine testimonials similarly without trying to market the company.

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6710 | Promotional Jute Bags